Knight in Armour Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

I made this Knight in Armour birthday cake and cupcakes for a first year birthday. The knight in armour theme was at the request of the birthday boy’s mother and she specifically wanted the knight in amour to be printed and placed on the cake and cupcakes in edible sugar print. She provided the exact image I was to use on the cake and cupcakes and so I used the exact same image for both the cake and cupcakes.

Knight in Armour Birthday Cake

This was an absolutely easy cake to make. I mean, how difficult could it be to cover a cake with fondant and place a printed edible image on it, right? Well, that was exactly what my customer requested and so that was exactly what I made for her. 

To make the cake slightly more interesting, I decided to give the cake a castle effect by imprinting bricks pattern on the sides of the cake and as well as on the background of the cupcakes. And I must say, I was quite happy with how the cake and cupcakes turned out with the bricks patterns on them – it was really matching to theme of the cake.

Knight in Armour Birthday Cake & Cupcakes - Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate the Knight in Armour cake and cupcakes:

  • Cake – This was a single tier cake measuring 8 inches by 8 inches square. The cake was baked using my butter pound cake recipe and was baked in 2 separate tins. Once stacked, the cake was approximately 4 inches high.
  • Cupcakes – I made a total of 8 cupcakes for this order. The cupcakes were baked in white muffin cups using my butter pound cake recipe.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill and crumb coat the cake as well as to crumb coat the cupcakes.
  • Gum paste – I used very little gum paste for this cake and that was for the letters on the cake.
  • Edible Image – The image was provided by my customer and I ordered the prints in edible sugar sheet from a local edible image printing supplier.
  • Bricks pattern mat – I used this to imprint the bricks patterns on the sides of the cake as well as the cupcakes background.
  • Shortening

And this was how I put the cake together:

I ordered the edible image print a few days in advance. I order one large full sized image for the cake (measuring 6 inches by 6 inches square) as well as 8 smaller round prints to fit the top of the cupcakes. 

Closer to the delivery date, I baked the cake and the cupcakes. 

For the cake, once the layers were completely cooled down, I leveled them and sandwiched them with buttercream. I then, crumb coated the cake and covered it with orange tinted fondant. 

Next, I rolled some ivory coloured fondant and cut it into 4 rectangle pieces that were long enough to cover each side of the cake and wide enough to fit the height of the cake. I then used my bricks pattern mat and imprinted the bricks pattern on each of them before attaching the strips onto the sides of the cake.

Using the same colored fondant, I rolled another 4 long fondant strips in rectangle shape. These were to form the battlement of the castle. I then used my square plunger cutter to cut out the square openings on the strip. I let the strips rest for a bit to allow it to firm up before attaching them to the 4 sides of the cake. Allowing the strips to firm up a little before putting them up on the cake help in making sure the battlement retain their upright position.

Knight in Armour Birthday Cake

Once all the 4 sides were done, to tidy up the corners, I cut another 4 long rectangle pieces of fondant (in the same ivory color) for the corners of the cake. Each piece was approximately 2 inches wide and I made sure the heights were equal to the height of the cake. I imprinted the bricks pattern on these 4 strips and attached them to the corners of the cake with shortening. 

Once the fondant work was done, I attached the edible image to the cake. To attach, I used a damp brush to dampen the back of the image and carefully placed it on the cake, making sure if was well centered on the cake. 

Next, I rolled my gum paste really thin and cut out the letters for the birthday message and the birthday boy’s name using my FMM block letter cutters. I let the letters dry completely before painting them in gold. Allowing the gum paste to dry completely helps ensure the letters remain in shape when applying the gold paint. I left these gold painted letters aside for the paint to dry completely before attaching them to the cake (with the help of shortening).

With that, the cake was complete.

Next were the cupcakes. To begin with, I leveled my cupcakes and applied a thin layer of buttercream to them.

I then used my round cutter to cut out ivory fondant circles in the same diameter as my cupcakes and placed one circle on each cupcake. 

After that, using my scalloped round cutter, I cut out 4 fondant circles - 4 in orange and 4 in blue. I then imprinted bricks pattern on each of the cut outs with my bricks pattern mat and attached them onto the ivory fondant covered cupcakes. To finish off the deco, I then attached the edible images onto the cupcakes in the same manner I did for the cake. 

And with that, the Knight in Armour cake and cupcakes were ready. 

Hope this was useful. Happy decorating :)

Knight in Armour Birthday Cake

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Knight in Armour Birthday Cake

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