2 Tier Hydrangea Wedding Cake

Here is a cute hydrangea wedding cake I made for a sweet couple not too long ago. This is a two tier wedding cake with the bottom tier covered fully in rows of hydrangea flowers and the top of the cake decorated with a cute lovebirds topper made of glittering gold paper.

2 Tier Hydrangea Wedding Cake

This was a reasonably simply cake and was pretty easy to assemble. The only time consuming bit was making the flowers, but since those could be made ahead of time, assembling the cake really was quite fast.

The entire cake was covered in fondant and the hydrangeas were made using gum paste. I made them white and then dusted them with violet dust color. The topper was store bought, and it came ready with a lollipop stick as its pick, so all I had to do was poke it into the cake.

Let's look at the details of how I decorated this cake below:

2 Tier Hydrangea Wedding Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies used to make and decorate this cake:

  • Cake - This was a 2 tier round cake, with the top tier measuring 6 inches in diameter and the bottom tier measuring 9 inches in diameter. Each tier was approximately 6 inches high so that made the height of the cake (without the topper) to be 12 inches high. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake. 
  • Buttercream - Each tier consisted of 3 layers of cake and I used buttercream to sandwich these tiers. I also used buttercream to crumb coat the cake before covering them with fondant.
  • Lovebirds topper - This is a paper topper, made with glittering gold paper. I purchased this from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Gold ribbon - I used this gold ribbon as the border for the top tier of the hydrangea wedding cake. This was purchased from a local craft supplies shop.
  • Hydrangeas petal cutter - I used a medium sized hydrangea petals cutter to make the flowers. These flowers are pretty easy to make. I made them all in white and once they have set, dusted them with violet petal dust to give them just a light hue to violet.
  • Flowers formers - These are simple painting pallets I purchased from a local craft shop and they work great as flower formers, giving just the right natural curve to my flowers as they set.
  • Fondant glue - I used this to stick the hydrangea flower centers to the flowers as well as to stick the flowers to the cake.

And this was how I assembled the cake:

The gum paste hydrangea flowers were prepared in advance. In fact, for this cake, the flowers I used were from the same batch I made for my butterflies wedding cake. Since I had to make lots of these flowers for both the cakes, I started making them one week in advance. I have written a separate step by step tutorial on how to make these pretty gum paste flowers. Click here to learn more

Next step was the cake itself. Once baked and cooled down, I leveled the layers, filled them with buttercream and crumb coated them with a thin layer of buttercream. And then I covered them with white fondant and stacked the tiers.

And then I attached the gold ribbon for the borders of both cake tiers. I used fondant glue to hold the ribbon in place. This can take a while so I normally poke a clean pin through the ribbon into the cake to hold the ribbon in place while the glue dries and then remove it once everything has set. 

Next to go on the cake were the flowers. I started attaching the flowers to the cake from the base in horizontal lines. And I used fondant glue to hold these flowers in place. I arranged them as close as possible to close the gaps in between these flowers as much as possible so that the cake underneath is covered up.

And finally, I added the cake topper. Since it came ready with a lollipop stick attached to it, all I had to do is figure out the exact point to poke the lollipop stick, and then poke it right into the cake.

And that was how I completed my 2 tier hydrangea wedding cake.

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