How to Make Human Fondant Figurines

Are you looking to learn how to make human fondant figurines? If you are, let me share with you a great source where you can pick up the right techniques for making your own fabulous human fondant figurines. 

The source I am talking about in an online class on Bluprint. Why am I recommending this to you? Because I too had wanted to learn how to make human figurines so much and this class has provided me absolutely invaluable tips and techniques on how to make proportionate and human like figurines for cake decorating.

Here is the source, an online Bluprint class dedicated specifically for teaching fondant figurines. The class is run by Anne Heap of The Pink Cake Box. Anne uses a lot of human figurines in her cake decorating and is definitely a great teacher too!

I purchased this class a couple of years ago, and you can see below all the work I have done after the class. My figurines still need a lot of practice, but I now know the basics of how to construct proportionate human figurines for cakes. 

The figurines structuring techniques thought in the class can also be used for animal figurines and I have used it many times for my cakes to create stable figurines including the little guy below (Anne teaches how to construct wire structures for the figurines so you will never have to worry about an arm or leg falling apart while transporting your cake). 

Here is why I am recommending this class on how to make human fondant figurines:

What the class covers:

  • How to color gumpaste for human skin tones
  • How to support and structure the figurines so that they remain stable on the cake
  • How to create simple and easy facial features without much sculpting work
  • How to dress human figurines 

And the fact that this class is on Bluprint platform means once you enroll in a class, you get to watch it online as many times as you like, wherever and whenever you want. Your access to the class never expires and if you not entirely happy with your purchase, they provide a 100% money back guarantee. 

And I personally love Bluprint because their classes are all conducted by experts in their own niche.

There are 2 other classes I found on Bluprint that are one making human figurines, you may want to check these out too (I have not purchased these so I cannot say much here except that the figurines look totally adorable and being able to make something that those would be totally awesome. But I am not particularly inclined to making human figurines, especially those with detailed facial features, so I am holding on with these. But if you into making human fondant figurines, then these classes are worth checking out. 

So if you keen to learn how to make human fondant figurines for your cake, head over to Bluprint and enroll yourself in the class. And while you are there, do check out all the other cake decorating classes they have there. Bluprint also runs sales every now and then, so you can register at the site for free first. Once registered, they will send you emails every time there is a sale and you can enroll into one then.

Hope this was useful. 

Happy decorating :)

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