Homies T-shirt Cake Tutorial

I made this Homies t-shirt cake for a customer. She gave the picture of a t-shirt (I cannot locate the picture anywhere in my pc so I am unable to share it here) and told me to make a cake that looks exactly like the t-shirt including the font type, size and color.

Homies T-shirt Cake

I must say, I was  not quite sure if I would be able to produce the white blotches on the letters and numbers on the cake at first. My customer and I agreed upfront that I will try to create the blotched effect on the letters and numbers but in case I am unable to do it, she agreed that she does not mind settling for plain black letters and numbers.

So I set on making this Homies t-shirt cake.

Here is how I made this Homies T-shirt Cake:

These were the main supplies I used to make and decorate the cake:

  • Cake – I did not use any specialty cake pans for the cake. It was baked in an 8 inch square cake and the sleeves were carved out from another smaller cake (I baked an additional 6 inches square cake for the sleeves). Both cakes were made using my butter pound cake recipe.
  • Buttercream – As in almost all my cakes, I used buttercream to fill the cakes and crumb coat them. Click here for my buttercream recipe.
  • Fondant – This cake was covered in my homemade fondant (click here for the recipe). I used only 2 colors, i.e. white and black. The black required quite a lot of food coloring to achieve the tone I wanted, so if I were to make this cake again, I would rather use store bought fondant for the black color.
  • Gumpaste – I used gumpaste for the birthday message on the cake as well as the birthday boy’s name. The gumpaste I used here was Satin Ice in white and I tinted it black with my black food coloring.
  • Letters and numbers template – the word “HOMIES” and the number “2014” were individually hand cut out of fondant. I did not use any cutters or moulds as I did not have any in the font type and size my customer wanted on the cake. For the template, I typed the words and numbers in a Mircosoft Word document, choose the font type that best matched my customer’s request, set them to the size I wanted them to be on the cake and then choose the outline option (to save ink) before I printed them out on a piece of paper. I then cut them all out following their outlines.
  • Tappit alphabet cutters – I used this cutter for the birthday message on the cake as well as the birthday boy’s name.
  • Stitching wheel – I used this tool to create the stitch marks on the collar and edges of the t-shirt sleeves.
  • Craft knife – I used my ever so purposeful craft knife to cut out the custom letters and numbers on the cake.
  • Shortening – this acted as the glue for all my fondant work on this cake, including attaching the custom cut letters and numbers, the birthday message and birthday boy’s name as well as the cake border.

And this was how I assembled this Homies T-shirt cake:

  • As mentioned above, I used custom made paper templates for the word “HOMIES” and the number “2014”. I cut these out of black fondant using my paper templates. For the white blotched effect, I let the fondant letters and numbers rest for a few minutes to allow them to set slightly. And then, I dipped the tip of my small paint brush (the brush bristles must be dry and very soft so as to not leave any marks on the fondant) into white food coloring, and very lightly blotched the paint at random spots on the letters and numbers.
  • As for the cake itself, I used my 8 inch square cake as the main part of the cake. And then the sleeves were cut out of another 6 inch cake. I attached the sleeves to the cake with some buttercream. And then I carved a small collar for the tshirt. Before I did the carving, I actually drew the tshirt template on a large piece of paper. That way, I was certain my carving will be balanced on both sides of the cake.  Once all the carving work was done, I crumb coated the whole cake with a thin layer of butter cream. And then I covered it with white fondant.
  • For the cake border, I hand rolled 2 long thin rolls of fondant, one in white and one in black. I attached these to the cake with shortening.

  • Next to go on the cake were the “HOMIES” and “2014”. Again, I used shortening to secure them to the cake. And finally, I attached the birthday message and the birthday boy’s name on the cake board.

And the cake was done.

This is a very simple and easy to make cake. The trick is to have the t-shirt template drawn up on a piece of paper to guide the carving.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you have any comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Homies T-shirt Cake

Happy Decorating :)

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