Homemade Butter Mints

Home made butter mints are nothing new to most people. But for those who have not tried them, I would say you have to find time to try them. I personally find these mints a very clever candy idea. After all, they are so easy to make and are perfect to satisfy the craving for something sweet at the end of a hearty meal.

Having said that, there are quite a number of different variations to butter mints recipes out there. While the basic ingredients remain to be butter, icing sugar and mint extract, you can add other ingredients such as vanilla to give in a little extra flavoring. And to help the mixture come together without having to add too much butter, some recipes call for the use of milk or cream. In my recipe below, I chose to add condensed milk. I was a bit concerned on adding milk to the mixture as I was worried that the candies may not last as long and so chose to add condensed milk instead.

The amount of mint extract can also vary and its purely a matter of personal preference as to how much mint you want to add to your butter mints. In my recipe below, the amount of mint included gives the butter mints a mild mint flavour. If you prefer a stronger mint taste, you can always add more. I would strongly suggest to try out with a small amount first and add on as it seems fit for you. That way, you don’t risk ending up with a too-intensely minty butter mints.

The other interesting fact about this butter mints is that not only can you color them as you like, you can also shape them to suit your liking. The butter mints mixture, once done is of a soft fondant consistency. Although not as stretchy, it can be rolled, cut and shaped into any shape. The simplest is to roll the mixture into long ropes and cut them into equal sizes or simply form them into small balls and flatten them lightly with the back of a drinking glass. 


For this particular recipe, I choose to be a bit more creative with my butter mints. (See my other post here on how I used the same recipe to make chocolate filled butter mints). I divided my butter mints mixture into two and colored them gold and fushia (using AmeriColor Gold gel color & AmeriColor Fushcia gel color).

I then rolled them (by hand) into long thin ropes and twisted both colors together.  Doing this was a little tricky especially if the ropes are long as they tend to break when twisted, so I had to re-do with shorter strips. And every time I saw a crack, I kind of pinched the cracks together so that the mint strips are patched.

I rolled the twisted each mint rope until it was smooth and was in the width I wanted. You can still continue to twist the strip while rolling it smooth if you find the colors are not so well twisted. And finally, once I was happy with the size and the colors, I cut it into equal lengths and let the mints set and dry before storing them in a candy jar.

Easy right? 

Below is the full recipe. This amount produces about 420g of homemade butter mints mixture and the final number of mints will depend on how large each mint is cut or shaped into.

Homemade Butter Mints Recipe


60g butter

360g icing sugar (sifted)

1 tbsp condensed milk (or milk)

A pinch of salt

1/8 tsp mint extract

Food coloring of choice


Sift icing sugar to free from lumps.

In a clean bowl, cream butter until smooth (with a paddle attachment). Add icing sugar, a little at a time until well combined.

Beat until all the sugar is added and the mixture well combined. It may appear crumbly at this point and that is perfectly fine.

Add condensed milk and mint extract and continue beating. If the mixture is still crumbly, try pressing the mixture with your fingers, if it comes together, it is ready for rolling and cutting.

Continue kneading by hand until the mixture comes together into a ball.

If you wish to color your butter mints, knead in the color at this stage.

Turn the mixture onto a clean surface (dust with icing sugar if still sticky) and roll it into a long rope.

Cut the rope into smaller sizes. Place the cut mints on a clean parchment paper and let them rest at room temperature overnight. The next day, turn them over and let them set again for another day until they have dried and set well.

Store the mints in a candy jar.

Homemade butter mints shaping options:

These butter mints can be shaped in any way you like.

Round flat patties

The easiest would be to roll them into round balls and press them down using the bottom of a drinking glass that has been dipped in icing sugar.


Designed with a fork

Similar to the round flat patties shape, start by forming round balls. Place them on a parchment paper, slightly apart from one another. Use a fork to flatten the patties, leaving behind the fork prints on them as you do it.

Twisted rolls

Divide the butter mint mixture into 2 and color them as you wish. Roll each color into long thin ropes. Twist both colors to form a twisted strip of mint. It might be a little tricky to twist the ropes as they are not quite elastic so its always better to try with not-too-long strips.  Twist and roll until you get a well twisted, smooth rope. Cut the mint rope into equal sizes.

Rolled and Cut Out

Place the mixture between 2 plastic sheets. Roll to desired thickness and use a cookie cutter (dipped in icing sugar) to cut out your desired homemade butter mint shapes.

And that's my homemade butter mints recipe for you.

Happy Candy Making :)


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Homemade Butter Mints

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