Hearts Cookies For Valentine's Day

How many of you have made or received hearts cookies for Valentine’s Day?

A simple search for heart shaped cookies on the internet will throw out loads of awesome cookies ideas, let alone those that are heart shaped. And what more if you were to add the term Valentine’s day cookies into the search term. So many lovely ideas!

To be frank, I have never really made any special Valentine’s Day themed cookies.  And so, after looking at all those cookies, I decided to make some for Valentine’s Day too.

So I got my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my heart shaped cookie cutters and set on making the cookies.

The thing I like about these cookies, besides the fact that they are decorated (I love to decorate!), is that how fast these can be put together and how lovely they looked when completed.

Hearts Cookies for Valentine's Day

These are sandwiched cookies, and each completed cookie was made up of 2 layers of cookies. The first layer is a full heart shaped cookie while the top layer, although is of the same shape as the bottom layer, had a heart shaped role cut in the center. The idea is for the filling of the sandwiched cookie to show from the top.

For the filling, I wanted to use jam at first, but did not have any red jam at home, so resorted to fondant instead. In the center of each cookie, I placed a tiny cute puffed heart (which I shaped by hand), and for the top of the cookie, I dusted with a layer of icing sugar. I used 2 shades of pink in the cookies and together with the white of the icing sugar, I must say the cookies were indeed very pretty!

How to Decorate Hearts Cookies for Valentine’s Day

These were the main supplies I used to make the cookies:

  • Icing sugar & sieve

And this was how I made and assembled the cookies.

I started with baking of the cookies. To ensure my cookies were all in even thickness, I rolled my cookie dough in between 2 dowel sticks. That way, I was able to get uniform thickness for all my cookies.

And I cut the cookies using my heart cookie cutter. Since I was making sandwiched cookies, I made sure I cut out even number of cookies.

And then, I divided the unbaked cut-out cookies into two. I arranged the first group in my baking tray and for the remaining group, I cut out a smaller heart shaped hole in the center of each cookie. I arranged these on a separate baking tray.

I chilled the unbaked cookies in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before placing them in the oven for baking. I baked the cookies in 2 batches. The full heart cookies went in first. And after they were done, I put in the second batch (the ones with heart shaped holes in the center). The reason being the second batch require slightly lesser baking time compared to the full cookies and therefore, to avoid over baking the one ones with the heart shaped hole in the center, I baked them in separate batches.

Once the cookies have cooled down to room temperature, I started my decorating work.

I started with the fondant work first. I used 2 different shades of pink fondant to decorate these cookies. Fondant was used as a filling and also to make the little puffed hearts in the center of each cookie. And so I decided to use the shades alternately in my cookies. Half of the cookies were made with a combination of pink filling and baby pink puffed hearts while the remaining half were made with the opposite  combination of baby pink filling and pink puffed hearts.

Hearts Cookies for Valentine's Day

To begin with, I worked with the baby pink fondant. I rolled the fondant thin (about 1/8 inch thick) and cut out heart shapes using the same cookie cutter I used for my cookie dough. I attached these to the full heart cookies. Next, using the same shade of fondant, I made little puffed hearts and put them aside. These hearts were shaped by hand and here is how I did them.

I started by taking a pinch of fondant and shaped it into a smooth ball with my palms.

Next, I used my forefinger to roll the ball of fondant into a small sausage, making a small dent with my finger in the center as I roll it.

I then folded the fondant sausage such that both the ends meet at the top. See how the heart is almost there? To perfect the heart, I pinched the bottom to form a pointed end. Voila, the puffed heart was ready!

Once I was done with the baby pink fondant, I moved on to the darker shade of pink fondant. Again, similar to the steps above, I rolled it thin and cut out heart shapes using my cookie cutter. I placed these cut outs on the remaining full heart cookies. And then, using the same fondant shade, I made the little puffed hearts.


To assemble the cookies, I placed one puffed heart on each fondant covered cookie. And then, in a separate tray,  I dusted the top layer cookies with icing sugar, and carefully placed them on top of the fondant covered cookies. In doing this, I made sure the puffed heart centers and the fondant filling of each cookies were of pink and baby pink respectively and vice versa.

And with that, my Valentine’s Day hearts cookies were completed.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy Cookie Decorating


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