How to Make Gumpaste Hydrangea Flowers

Gumpaste hydrangea flowers are very easy to make and they make such pretty cake decoration. 

These flowers can be made wired or non-wired. Wires are necessary when using the flowers as filler flowers or when the flowers are arranged in clusters - on their own or in a combination with other flowers, normally on top or on the sides of cake. Where they are individually placed on cakes, wires are not necessary and they can be attached to cake with shortening or fondant glue. 

I am sharing on this page, the tutorial on how to make non-wired gumpaste hydrangea flowers including how to color them. I used these flowers for my butterflies wedding cake project. Read on to see how I made the flowers, step by step.

Here is How I Made the Gumpaste Hydrangea Flowers

These are the supplies I used:

  • Gumpaste - I used Satin Ice white gumpaste. Love this gumpaste, it rolls really thin and is easy to work with.
  • Gumpaste flower petal cutter and veiner - I used Sunflower Sugar Art hydrangea flowers cutter and veiner set. The set comes with 2 cutters of different sizes and one set of petal veiner.

  • Flower formers - flower formers are essential for hydrangeas as they help the flowers set is a curved position. I bought mine from a craft shop, they are actually painting palettes. Since I was making a lot of flowers, these were the best choice as they are quite inexpensive. 
  • Flower dust - I used Squires Kitchen Violet food dust. It has a dark purple shade and matched my cake theme.
  • Fondant glue - Fondant glue is used to attached the hydrangea flower centers. It is also to be used for attaching the flowers to the cake. Fondant glue can be easily made. Click here to learn how to make your own fondant glue.

And here is how I made the gumpaste hydrangea flowers:

  • First off course, is the gumpaste. I rolled it thin.

  • Using the hydrangea flower petal cutter, I cut out a few petals. I prefer to work with a few petals at a time to prevent them from drying out before veining. 

  • For veining, I used the veining tool. I dusted each side with some cornflour. I then placed each petal on the veiner, on the side which has the pointed center. When placing the petals on it, I pressed them very lightly with my fingers to make sure the petal centers followed the pointed shape and is not placed too flat on the tool. This helps prevent tears in the centers due to stretching when the other side of the veiner is placed on it. 

  • Both ends of the veining tool has a slight cut on it. This is to guide in making sure they are placed correctly on top on each other. 

  • And when pressing it for the veins patters, I only press the sides, not the center. This is simply to avoid the petal from tearing in the center.

  • Here is how one of the petals looked like after veining.

  • I dried the petals in a painting palette in slightly curved position.

  • Once the petals were dried, I then dusted them. For this project, I dusted the centers with violet food dust. Since I only wanted the petals to be colored in the center, I dipped a medium sized brush into the food dust and started the dusting from each flower center. I finished the dusting by gradually working towards the ends of the petals, making sure the color fades as I work towards the end of the petals.

  • Once the dusting was completed, I then attached the flower centers. Again, for this project, I wanted the centers to be white, so I rolled tiny pieces of gumpaste into round balls.

  • I attached the centers with a tiny dot of fondant glue.

  • And this was how the flowers looked like upon completion. When attaching them to the cake, I used fondant glue. The flowers can also be attached with shortening, if you like.

I used these flowers for a butterflies wedding cake project. Click here to read how I made the butterfly wedding cake.

And click here if you want to read how I made the gumpaste butterflies.

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Happy decorating :)

How to Make Gumpaste Hydrangea Flowers

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