Gum Paste Arrow Tutorial

I made this gum paste arrow tutorial when I was decorating my cupid arrow and heart mini cakes for Valentine’s day.  I wanted to make mini heart shaped cakes with a 3D arrows running though them.

I had two options for the arrows. One was to make them with fondant or gum paste and the other option was to make them using paper.


Gum Paste Arrow Tutorial

And the truth is, I made both. One in gum paste and one is paper. I choose gum paste over fondant as gum paste sets better than fondant. And so one heart cake had a gum paste arrow going through it and another, a craft paper arrow.

This tutorial is for the gum paste arrow. I have created a separate tutorial for the craft paper arrow and you can read all about it here.

Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes

Gum Paste Arrow Tutorial for Cake Decorating

These were the main supplies I used to make the arrow:

  • Arrow template – I drew this by hand on a piece of white paper and cut it out along its outline.
  • Fondant glue – This glue was made using water and CMC powder and was used as the glue to make the arrow
  • Gum paste – I used Satin Ice gum paste in white.
  • Sugar craft knife – in the absence of an arrow cutter, I used my sugar craft knife to cut my gum paste.
  • Cake decorating brush – I used a medium sized brush to paint my gum paste arrow with edible gold paint.
  • Lollipop sticks – these were attached to the arrow and poked into the cake to hold the arrows in place.

And this was how I assembled the gum paste arrow:

I started by getting my arrow template ready. Since I did not have a ready made arrow cutter, I had to create my own template. To make the template, I estimated the size of the arrow I wanted for my cake and then drew it on a piece of paper.

I cut the paper and that was the template I used to guide me in cutting my arrow out of gum paste.

For this cake, I cut my arrow into two. The front end of the arrow was on one side of the cake and the rear end on the other side.

Next, I rolled my gum paste into a thin sheet. And then I placed the arrow template on the gum paste and cut it out following the outlines.

For each arrow, I cut out two pieces of the same template, which means I cut 2 pieces of the front pattern of the arrow and 2 pieces of the rear end pattern. I let one set sit in open air so that it would dry up a little while the other set, I kept covered.

After about 10 minutes, I went on to assemble the arrow. I started with the front portion.

I applied fondant glue all over the piece of gum paste that I kept covered and attached my lollipop stick to it. While it is important to apply glue all over the gum paste cut out, you need not use too much. Suffice to hold the lollipop stick in place.

In attaching the stick, I made sure I placed it starting as close as practical from the tip of the arrow.

And then I lifted the lollipop stick (with the arrow head attached to it) and placed it on the other arrow head cut out, with the lollipop stick positioned in between the 2 cut outs.

And I carefully stick both pieces of gum paste together, making sure the bottom piece is flat and the top piece closely adjusted to the shape of the lollipop stick. Doing this automatically resulted in the top gum paste piece to be smaller in size compared to the bottom piece. This was intentionally done as the top piece was meant to become the bottom surface of the arrow in the end and it being slightly smaller makes sure there are no extras on the side that would later show from the bottom surface of the arrow.

I repeated the process for the other part of the arrow.

Once the gluing was complete, I left the arrow aside to firm up. And this was done with the top of the arrow facing down so that it would remain flat when turned over on the cake.

Next, I mixed my gold dust with lemon extract to form gold paint and painted on my arrow. And then I let it dry completely before adding it on to my cake.

I had to make slight adjustment to the length of the arrow when I finally put it on my cake. I cut off the extras with a knife and the arrow was all perfect on the cake.

And this was how the arrow looked like on my finished cake.

Gum paste arrow tutorial

And this was how the other arrow I made using gold craft paper (see the tutorial here) looked like on my cake:

Hope you enjoyed this gum paste arrow tutorial. If you want to read the full tutorial on how I decorated the Cupid Arrow and Heart Mini Cakes shown on this page, I have it all detailed out for you here.

Happy Decorating :)

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Gum Paste Arrow Tutorial

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