Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake

I made this glamorous 21st birthday cake for a young lady who happens to be a national badminton player for Malaysia. The cake was ordered by the birthday girl’s mother and she asked for the cake to be decorated with a human figure topper to depict her daughter and a red BMW car topper that was supposedly her daughter’s dream car.

Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake Idea

This cake was ordered together with a set of 12 cupcakes. Each cupcake had one human figurine topper on depicting the members of the family. It was the mother’s idea to present the cupcakes to the girl as a token of their love for her. Click here to read more about the cupcakes.

Back to the birthday cake. This was a square cake, measuring approximately 9 inches in width and 4 inches in height. I baked it using my butter pound cake recipe and it was all covered in fondant. The deco on the cake itself was pretty straight forward except for the toppers which took me a while to make.

Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to make this glamorous 21st birthday cake:

  • Cake – this was a 9 inches square cake with a height of approximately 4 inches. The cake was baked in 2 separate tins and sandwiched together with a layer of buttercream. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake.
  • Buttercream – I used vanilla buttercream for this cake. The buttercream was not only used as a filling in between the cake layers, it was also used to crumb coat the cake before covering it with fondant.
  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant for the cake. The mint green color was white fondant tinted with Americolor Mint Green . The other colors I used on the cake were dark green (mix of Satin Ice green and black), red, black and white.
  • CMC powder – this was added to fondant when making the upright standing 3D letters on the cake as well as the car wheels.
  • Gum paste – I used Satin Ice gum paste to make the human figure and for the “Happy Birthday’ letters on the cake.
  • Styrofoam block – this was used as the base of the car topper on the cake.
  • Styrofoam cutter – I used a small battery-operated cutter to cut my Styrofoam block into a basic shape of a car and then used a pen knife to cut out the seating compartment as well as the holes on all 4 sides of the cake for the wheels (the wheels were made using black fondant that has been added CMC).
  • Alphabet cutters – there were 2 types of alphabet cutters used in this project. One which was used to make the 3D standing letters for the birthday girl’s name was purchased from a local cake decorating supply shop. The other type is FMM alphabet cutters which I used to cut out the “Happy Birthday’’ lettering for the cake.
  • Plaque cutter set – this was used to cut out the dark green plaque which held the ‘Happy Birthday’ phrase on the side of the cake.
  • Round cutter set – I used plunger cutter for the polka dots on the cake and round cutter from my round cutter set for the car wheels.
  • Fondant glue – This was used interchangeably with shortening as the sticking agent for this project.
  • Shortening
  • Silver paint – I used my silver air brush color to paint the silver parts on the car topper.
  • Lollipop sticks – Since the human figure was wired, I inserted the wire that held the figurine into a lollipop stick before poking it into the cake. This was to avoid direct contact of the wire with the cake.

And this was how I put the cake together:

Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake Idea

  • The car, on the other hand, was not wired, but had a Styrofoam block as its core. I used a Styrofoam cutter and my pen knife to cut the foam block into the shape of a convertible car and then wrapped it in red fondant. I then added the seat details in black fondant and used the same black fondant for the wheels. This was supposed to be a BMW car, so I added a small BMW logo which was hand painted on fondant at the front of the car. The silver details on the car were also hand painted. 
Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake Idea

  • There was also a tiny handbag on the car, next to the girl figure. I shaped this by hand using brown fondant.
  • As for the cake itself, it was covered in mint colored fondant. I used the same color fondant to cover the cake board as well. And then added medium sized white polka dots which I cut using my round plunger cutter randomly all over the cake.
  • The birthday girl’s name was Soniia and I cut the name out using my alphabet cutters in thick fondant. And I added CMC to the fondant before rolling and cutting out the letters to help the fondant set hard and firm. I let the letters harden in a horizontal position before attaching them to the cake with fondant glue.
  • As for the cake border, I formed random sized fondant balls in white, mint and dark green and attached them to the bottom edge of the cake with shortening. Again, there was no particular order as far as the colors were concerned. I put these on in random order.
  • And finally, for the ‘Happy Birthday’ message on the cake, I used my FMM block alphabet cutters to cut out the letters. I also used a plaque cutter to cut out the dark green fondant plaque. The letters were attached to the plaque using shortening before the plaque was put up of the side of the cake. Again, I used shortening to attach the plaque to the cake. To complete the cake deco, I added a thin white border around the plaque, which was piped out of my fondant extruder tool (fitted with a small circle disc).

And that was how I decorated my Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake. 

Pin this for later here:

Glamorous 21st Birthday Cake Idea

Happy Decorating :)

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