Gingerbread Boys and Girls Tutorial

This gingerbread boys and girls tutorial is literally an extension of my other post I have written on my gingerbread men cookies recipe. That page was the cookies recipe itself and in that post, I chose to decorate by gingerbread men with gold dragees. In this post, however, I have decided to take the decoration to something slightly out of the norm.

Whenever I make the gingerbread men cookies, the most I would do in terms of decorating them would be adding just the eyes and mouth and some buttons. And I would either use raisins, cherries, chocolate bits or sugar dragees to do that. But this time around, I decided to decorate the cookies a bit more by turning them into gingerbread boys and girls. 

I did not use anything fancy to decorate the cookies, it was just royal icing and simply piping techniques and I must say, the deco did make a difference to the cookies. And as I finished decorating the cookies, I was already thinking of a  different fashion for the gingerbread boys and girls. But I will leave that for next time, and for this tutorial, let me present to you the step by step guide and video tutorial on how to make simple gingerbread boys and girls decorated cookies.  

How to Decorate Gingerbread Boys and Girls

These are the main supplies needed to decorate this cute cookies:

And this was how I decorated the gingerbread boys and girls:

I baked the cookies one day in advance and stored them in an airtight container.

Before starting the decorating work, I mixed my royal icing and had it tinted in all the colors I needed - black, brown, electric blue, electric green, pink and yellow.  

Since I was going to 'fill' the cookie tops with royal icing, it had to be in a slightly runny consistency. And so, for the pink, electric blue and electric green, once I have mixed the colors well, I added a few drops of warm water to each bowl of icing until it has reached a runny consistency. And to check that the icing is in the right consistency, I used the 10 second test. Using a jam knife, I cut through the icing and count the number of seconds it takes for the line to disappear. Ideally, it should be 10 seconds, hence the 10 seconds test. To make sure the icing does not accidentally become too runny, it is always advisable to start with a little water at a time until the right consistency is achieved. In the event, the icing stills becomes too runny, simply add a bit of royal icing of stiff consistency into the icing and mix until it reaches the desired consistency. This can cause the color to become lighter and so you may need to add more color to your icing.

The rest of the colors, i.e. black, brown and yellow should not be in runny consistency so I did not dilute them any further.

Once the colors have all been mixed, I filled them into individual piping bags. At this point, I did not snip the ends just yet, as I did not want the icing to flow out of the bags. All the colors did not need any couplers or piping tips except for yellow which I filled into a piping bag fitted with a coupler and piping tip number 101 ( I have a separate page written about icing couplers and you can read all about them here).

How to Decorated Gingerbread Boys

For the gingerbread boys, I started by piping their hair first. For the hair, I snipped a tiny hole in by piping bag filled with black icing and piped out the hair in circular motion for curly hair. I did this on the front edges of the head (top half).

Next, using the same icing color, I piped the eyes. Once the eyes were on, I used brown icing to pipe the nose and the mouth.

Following that, I did the shirt. The shirt was filled with royal icing and so I used my electric green royal icing in runny consistency and piped a quick outline for the shirt. Using the same icing, I then filled in the frame of the shirt.

After the shirt, I did the same for the shorts. This time, I used my royal icing tinted with electric blue. I started with an outline of the shorts and then used the same icing to fill it all up. 

For final touch, I used by black icing and piped to buttons on the shirt. And this was how the completely decorated gingerbread boy looked like:

How to Decorate Gingerbread Girls

Similar to the boys, I started the Gingerbread girls with their hair. I wanted them to have bob hairstyle. And so I used my black royal icing (the same one I used for the boys' hair) and piped out the outline of the hair before filling it with more icing. 

Since the black icing was not in runny consistency, I did not just fill the frame. I literally piped lines of icing within the outlines to create the hair effect with the icing. Once the hair was in place, I used the same black icing and piped 2 dots for the eyes.

Next, I added the gingerbread girls' nose and mouth with brown royal icing in the same way as I did for the gingerbread boys.

With the hair and facial features done, I went on to dress the girls. I choose a combination of pink and yellow for the dress. To begin with, I used my pink icing (in runny consistency) and piped an outline of the sleeveless dress top. And then, using the same icing, I filled the outline to complete the top part of the dress.

For the bottom section, I wanted to created a frilled skirt. To achieve the frills effect with royal icing, I filled my yellow icing (in normal stiff consistency) into a piping bag fitted with small petal tip number 101. I then  piped horizontal pleats in 3 layers as the skirt of the dress. Since the icing was in normal stiff consistency, the pleats held their shape well. 

I left the cookies aside for the icing to set. Once set, I was able to put them in a cookie jar for everyone to enjoy the gingerbread boys and girls cookies.

And that was how I decorated the gingerbread boys and girls. Here is the full video on how I decorated the cookies:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 

Happy Decorating :)

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