Fondant Recipe

Fondant is a very versatile icing and has taken cake decorating to a whole new level with its ability to not only be used as a cake covering but also to make stunning 3D sugar figurines and flowers.

My exposure to fondant was via my own homemade recipe. It was only when I started to sell more cakes that I switched to commercially made ones to save time.

Nevertheless, this was the recipe I used all along and would definitely recommend to anyone who want to try their hands at making it their own. And one best point about this recipe is that I could use it to make 3d figurines without any additional CMC or gumtex. It holds shapes very well and is really easy to handle. 

Homemade Fondant Recipe


1 kg icing sugar, sifted

3 tsp gelatine (in powder form)

1/4 cup water

1/2 tbsp liquid glucose

1 tbsp glycerin

1/4 tsp rose essence


Pour water into a heatproof bowl. Add gelatin and mix. Double boil the mixture until gelatin is completely dissolved and the mixture turns opaque.

Add liquid glucose and glycerin. Stir well. Remove from heat and leave aside to cool slightly.

Meanwhile, place half of the icing sugar in a bowl. Make a well in the centre. Pour the gelatin mixture in the centre and using the back of a spoon, stir the sugar into the gelatin slowly. 

Add icing sugar gradually and knead well. 

Keep unused icing covered or it will dry up and harden. 

Color and use it as desired. 

How to cover cakes with fondant

Since I have my homemade recipe here, I think it will probably be helpful to share the steps to cover cakes with it. 

  • First of all, prepare your cake by crumb coating it either with buttercream, or chocolate ganache ( and if you are decorating a dummy, brush it with either royal icing or water). Once the base coat is done, measure the height of the cake and its diameter. 
  • Next, take a reasonable amount of fondant and knead it well. Place it on a rolling mat dusted generously with icing sugar and roll it to 1/8 inch thickness. To make sure it is large enough to cover the entire cake, check that its diameter equals the diameter of the cake plus 2 times of the height of the cake.
  • Gently and loosely roll the icing onto a rolling pin, lift it carefully and quickly unroll it onto the cake making sure it covers the sides of the cake adequately all around. Press it lightly with your palm to stick it to the cake, starting from the top edge of the cake all the way to its base, slightly lifting and adjusting it so that there are no creases formed as it is being pressed on to the cake. Cut off excess icing all around at the base of the cake.
  • Use a smoother to smooth the icing all over the cake. If there are any noticeable cracks or creases, take a little icing sugar and rub it gently with your palm on the creases. The heat from your palm will melt the sugar and cover the creases, making it smooth and shiny.

Here is a video by Wilton, demonstrating the steps to cover a cake with fondant. This is an excellent video for beginners, and don't worry if are creases on the cake when you do it for the first time. It will definitely get better as you do more and more of these cakes. If you want to practice, use a styrofoam cake dummy. I have a similar rolling mat that is used in the video. It is definitely a great investment as it comes with measurement guides, making it easy to measure the diameter of the rolled icing. 

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