Fondant Guitar Cake

Fancy making a fondant guitar cake with a cute guitar topper?

Here is one such cake idea I created for a birthday. The guitar topper was made in fondant (click here for the step by step tutorial on how to make the fondant guitar topper) and the entire cake was decorated in black and white colors with the decoration on the cake centered around musical notes.

Fondant Guitar Cake Tutorial

This was not a very difficult cake to decorate. If you read on below as well as my tutorial on the guitar cake topper here, you will see that it is pretty straightforward to decorate. All the musical notes on the cake (except for the 3D one on the cake top) and the cake board were drawn by hand using a black edible marker. The black swirls on the front of the bottom tier were made using fondant but I used a paper template as a guide in forming those swirls so that made it easy to get them all consistent. 

Lets look at full details on how I decorated this cake below:

Fondant Guitar Cake Tutorial

These were the main supplies I used to make the fondant guitar cake:

  • Cake - this was a 2 tier cake made using my butter pound cake recipe. The top tier measured 6 inches in diameter and the bottom tier was a 9 inches round cake. Each tier measured approximately 6 inches high.
  • Buttercream - I used buttercream to fill the cake layers as well as to crumb coat them.
  • Fondant - The entire cake was decorated in fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant in white and black .
  • CMC powder - I used CMC powder in fondant to help my 3D decorations on the cake to dry firmer and more stable.
  • FFondant extruder tool - I used this for the black fondant swirls on the cake as well as all the border work.
  • Guitar template - This was a hand drawn template which I used to cut my fondant guitar topper.
  • Musical note template - This was also a hand drawn template and I used it to cut out the black 3D musical note on the cake.
  • Swirls template - The black swirls on the front of the second cake tier was guided by a hand drawn template.
  • Alphabet cutters - I used 2 different cutters, one for the 3D name and the other for the 'Happy Birthday' wordings.

And this was how I put the fondant guitar cake together:

I started by getting all my templates ready. I used a total of 3 templates - one of the fondant guitar topper, one for the musical note topper and one for the fondant swirls pattern on the front of the bottom tier.

I did a Google search for the templates designs and then resized and modified them to suit my liking. Once I was satisfied with the sizes, I traced them onto parchment paper.  For the guitar and the musical note, I cut them out following their outlines, to be used as paper templates to cut out in fondant. 

I have a full tutorial on how I made the guitar topper, so I am not going to repeat it here. As for the musical note, I used my paper template to cut it out in black fondant. I added CMC powder to the fondant so that my note would dry hard and firm. I rolled the fondant to a thickness of about 1cm before I cut it out using my paper template as a guide. 

And then I attached a toothpick to the bottom and let it firm up in a horizontal position.

Next where the 3D letters for the birthday person's name, LENNY. I cut the letters out in the same black fondant that has been added CMC and let the letters firm up in a horizontal position until they too were ready to be put onto the cake.

After the letters, I did the swirls pattern. To make the swirls, I glued my paper template onto the sides of a 9 inches round cake dummy (the dummy has to be of the same diameter as the cake you intend to put the swirls on and since mine was a 9 inches round cake, I used a 9 inches round cake dummy) and then placed a layer of parchment paper on it. Since the parchment paper is see-through, I did not have to redraw my swirls pattern on the parchment paper.

And then I applied shortening all over the parchment paper especially where the pattern was.

And then I filled my fondant extruder tool with black fondant and fit it with a medium circle disc. 

To create the swirls, I piped out short strips of black fondant and arranged them onto my prepared swirls template, using the drawing as a guide to place the fondant strips. 

Where there were joints, I used fondant glue to make sure they were well secured in place. 

Once the entire swirls pattern was done, I left it to firm up on the dummy.

And while waiting for all the above to set and firm up, I prepared my cakes. 

I leveled and sandwiched them with buttercream before covering them with fondant. And then I stacked them using bubble tea straws and set aside.

The first deco to go on the cake were the 'Happy Birthday' words. I cut the letters in black fondant using my letter cutters and attached them to a piece of white rolled fondant. The idea was to put the letters onto a fondant plaque and attach the plaque to the cake. So, to make sure I had the lettering perfectly centered on my fondant plaque, I cut my alphabets, arranged them in order and measured the length with a ruler. Once I had the full  length, I was able to determine the mid points for both words and arranged and attached them onto the rolled white fondant with shortening such that the mid points for both letters were consistent.

And then, I used my plaque cutter to cut the birthday plaque out. 

I applied some shortening to the back of the fondant plaque and carefully attached it to the cake. And then I piped a long strip of black fondant using the same circle disc I used for the swirls patterns and attached it around the fondant plaque with shortening as a border.

I also used the same black fondant strip to add border for the top tier.

Next I added the birthday persons name. By this time, the 3D letters were all nice and firm and so were ready to be put on the cake. Again, to make sure the name is perfectly centred on the cake and in a consistently centred position as the 'Happy Birthday' wordings, I measured the name in full to determine its mid point, which was the letter N, and then, starting with that letter, I placed it on the cake, consistent with the mid points of the 'Happy Birthday' wordings that are already on the. 

And then I added the remaining letters to complete the name. I used fondant glue to make sure the letters stay firmly in place.

Next to go onto the cake was the swirl pattern. I applied shortening onto the cake where I wanted to place the pattern, and carefully, lifted the piped fondant swirls one by one from the styrofoam dummy and arranged them onto the cake. Since I used shortening as the glue, it was easy to adjust the fondant until I got their position perfect. 

I started with the bottom of the pattern and slowly worked my way up until it was complete.

And this was how the cake looked with the swirls on.

After that, I added the border for the bottom tier, which was similar to the top tier earlier.

Next were the musical notes. Like I mentioned earlier, these were hand drawn directly onto the cake with a black edible marker and I did it free hand, making sure the notes were well spaced out. I drew these notes on the top tier and cake board, leaving the bottom tier free of any deco except the black swirls pattern. 

And finally, I added the guitar topper and the musical note topper.

This was how my completed fondant guitar cake looked like:

Fondant Guitar Cake Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed this fondant guitar cake tutorial. Pin this for later here:

Fondant Guitar Cake Tutorial

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