Easy Cupcakes with a Floral Theme

Here is an easy cupcakes design I made recently. I say easy because they are really easy to decorate. This is a piped decorating technique and it took me just a few minutes to complete the decorations (I had all the supplies ready by the way).

My source of inspiration for this deco is the use of colors. I made this cupcakes to bring them over to my aunt’s place when I went visiting her. I did not have any specific design in mind nor did I do any planning on how I wanted the design. It was a spontaneous one and I wanted to try out different colors and see how they look when mixed and matched with other contrasting colors. I was working particularly with pale yellow and pink. I quite liked the combination of the pink and yellow and was quite happy with the way the cupcakes decoration turned out when combined with white and accented with green colors.

The flowers are all piped. I used 2 different piping tips – a star tip and a round tip.

Here is how I made these floral themed super easy cupcakes:

Here is what I used to make these cupcakes:

  • One batch of butter pound cake recipe and one batch of chocolate chip cupcake recipe.
  • Buttercream tinted in pink, yellow and green and white. Yes white, I tinted the buttercream white for one part because the original color of buttercream is ivory and I wanted completely white icing.
  • Silver cupcake liners
  • Piping bags and Wilton icing tips ( 1 star tip and 1 round tip)

And this is how I assembled the cupcakes:

  • I baked the cupcakes in 2 batches, the first batch was using my butter pound cake recipe while the other batch was made using my chocolate chip cupcake recipe. All the cupcakes were baked in silver cupcake liners.
  • Once all baked and completely cooled, I covered them with buttercream – half of the cupcakes in yellow while the other half in white.
  • Next, using the round tip #2, I piped the flower stems. I wanted the flowers on the cupcakes to be in the form of a bouquet so using green buttercream, I piped long lines to resemble the flower stems. All the stems start from a single point on each cupcake.
  • Once the stems are done, I did the flowers. I made 2 types of flowers as you can see. With some yellow icing and star tip, I piped the flowers on cupcakes covered in white buttercream. The flower centers were dotted with pink icing.

  • The second flowers were in pink. I used round tip #2 for these flowers and simply piped dots of pink in a small circle. For the flower center, I piped a dot of white icing.  These were all piped on the yellow buttercream covered cupcakes.

And that’s it. My floral themed easy cupcakes are done. Wasn’t that easy?

Hope you enjoyed this sharing!

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