Dump Truck Birthday Cake

I made this dump truck birthday cake for a 2-year-old boy’s birthday. His mom requested for a road transportation themed cake with 3D vehicles on it. She did not want too big a cake as the birthday celebration was to be among very close family members only and so we agreed to making it a single tier cake.

As for the exact design of the cake, she was not very picky about it. She left it to me to design the cake, so long as there were 3D vehicles on the cake and the theme centered around vehicles. So I designed a dump truck birthday cake with a dump truck as the main topper and made 2 additional 3D vehicles on the sides of the cake. And this was how the completed dump truck birthday cake looked like:

Dump Truck Birthday Cake

Decorating the cake was not difficult. I did a dump truck, a car and a bus in 3D and the rest of the decoration on the cake centered around 2 different scenery – both the city as well as hilly countryside. And most of these decorations were formed with fondant cut outs so I would say decorating this cake was pretty easy and basic.

Let’s look into the details of how I decorated this dump truck birthday cake below.

Dump Truck Birthday Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used for this dump truck birthday cake:

  • Cake – This was 7 inches square cake. I baked the cake using my chocolate cake recipe. The cake consisted of 2 layers and once completed, was approximately 4 inches high.  
  • Butterecream – Buttercream was merely to crumb coat the cake. I used chocolate buttercream for this project.
  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant for this project in quite a number of colors. The readymade colors I used were yellow, black, green, red, orange, blue, white and baby blue.
  • CMC – Since I used fondant to make the 3D vehicles on the cake, I had to add CMC to the fondant so that I would set and dry firm and hard.
  • Gum paste – This was used very little on the cake and it was only for the lettering (both on the plaque as well as the truck).
  • Chocolate pebbles – These are pebbles looking tiny chocolates in crunchy sugar shells. I purchased these from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Plunger cutters – I used plunger cutters in squares, circles and 5-petal flowers.
  • Pizza cutter and sugar craft knife – I used these fall all the fondant cutting work.
  • Plaque cutter – This was used to stick the “Happy Birthday” wordings on the cake.
  • Alphabet cutters – I used Tappit block letters cutter for all the “Happy Birthday” phrase and the birthday boy’s name. I also used a large number cutter to cut out the number “2” and was poked into the truck container. The number cutter was purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Wooden Skewer – This skewer was used to hold the fondant plaque on the cake.

And this was how I decorated the dump truck birthday cake.

I stared by getting all the 3D vehicles on the cake ready first. Here was how I made them:

Dump Truck Birthday Cake

3D Fondant Truck

  • I started by coloring my fondant. I used navy blue (white fondant mixed with Americolor Navy Blue color) for the main body of the lorry, Satin Ice yellow fondant for the container and Satin Ice black and red for the wheels, windscreen and the wheel rims. And then I kneaded some CMC into all these fondant colors.  The CMC was to help the fondant set hard and firm. Another option if you do not want to use CMC is to use gum paste. But using gum paste meant that I would have had to mix all the colors individually as opposed to fondant where some of the colors were readily available, so that was more time consuming for me. And so, I went ahead  with the CMC.  
  • To make the lorry, I started with main part i.e. the base of the truck which is the long navy-blue piece of fondant that runs from the front to the end of the lorry. To make the base, I rolled a thick piece of navy blue fondant and cut it into a long rectangle. And then I cut another smaller piece of rectangle in about the same thickness and attached it (with fondant glue) to one end of the earlier base rectangle. This was the engine section of the lorry.  Next to it, I cut a thicker piece of square, rounded the edges with my fingers and attached it in an upright standing position. This was the driver seat section. For the container, I used yellow fondant, rolled and cut out a long thick rectangle (length was not longer than the remaining base of the truck after being taken up by the engine and seating sections of the truck). I then used my fondant tools to scoop out some fondant from the top of the yellow rectangle piece and smoothed the interior. I placed this container on a cake board and left it aside to set.
  • Next were the wheels. I used my round cutter to cut out 4 wheels in thick black fondant and added red rims to each. I left these to set and harden completely overnight. The next day, when all the truck parts are completely set, I assembled the truck. I used fondant glue to attach the container and the wheels to the truck. For added support, underneath the base of the truck (where its hidden by the wheels, I placed additional pieces of navy blue fondant to support the base. And then I added the chocolate pebbles into the container. Finally, I added the rest of the remaining smaller parts of the truck such as the lights, mudguard for the wheels, front grill, windscreen and windows to complete the 3D fondant dump truck topper.

3D Fondant Car

  • I hand shaped this car out of red fondant that has been added CMC. Once I had the shape of a car, I used my fondant shaping tools, and marked lines for the doors and windscreen. And then I used my round plunger cutter to cut out holes at the base of the car to insert its wheels. Using the same cutters, I cut out the car wheels in thick black fondant. I let these wheels dry and set completely overnight before attaching them to the car with fondant glue. And then I added the rest of the car parts such as the windows, windscreen, lights, front grills, etc to complete the 3D fondant car.

3D Fondant Bus

  • The bus was made using orange fondant and I shaped it by hand. To start, I rolled my orange fondant that has been added CMC into a fat sausage. From there, I shaped it into a bus, and added the wheels, windows, lights, front grill, etc to complete it.

3D Traffic Light

  • This was very easy to make. I cut out a thick piece of rectangle black fondant and then attached 3 circle fondant cut outs to it in red, yellow and green to denote the colours of the traffic light. And then I inserted a lollipop stick (that has been dipped in fondant glue first) into the black fondant. I left the traffic light to set and firm up in a horizontal position until it was ready to be put on the cake.

Fondant Plaque

  • This is the plaque that held the ‘Happy Birthday’ lettering on the cake.  I cut this plaque out of red fondant that has been added CMC using one of my plaque cutters. In fact, I had 2 same sized pieces cut out and attached together with a wooden skewer in between. For the lettering, I used my Tappit alphabet cutters and cut out the words “Happy Birthday” in white gum paste that has been rolled very thin. I attached these letters to the plaque with shortening. The plaque was also left to dry and set in a horizontal position until it was ready to be put up on the cake.

Dump Truck Birthday Cake

Dump Truck Birthday Cake - Assembling Guide

  • To assemble this dump truck birthday cake, once both layers of the cake have baked and cooled down, I leveled and sandwiched them with ganache. And then I crumb coated the cake with chocolate buttercream.
  • Next I covered the whole cake in Satin Ice baby blue fondant. I placed the cake on a cake board and covered the sides of the board with black fondant. I wanted the cake board to look like road, so I added white divider lines on the cake board, all around the cake.
  • Before adding all the 3D decorations on the cake, I completed the scenery around the cake first. For the city scenery, I used grey, blue and black fondant to cut out the various blocks of buildings. There were no special cutters used for these, I only used my pizza cutter and a ruler. For the small square windows on the buildings, I used my square plunger cutter.
  • For the hilly countryside scenery, I used 4 different shades of green fondant, 2 for the hills (Wilton Juniper green in dark and light shades), and 2 for the tree (Satin Ice green fondant). The hills were cut free hand with my pizza cutter. And so was the tree trunk. I created a slightly marbled effect for the tree trunk by mixing brown and white fondant together. As for the leaves on the tree, I used my round scalloped cutter set to cut out the multiple layers of leaves. The last layer, i.e. the smallest cut out was cut using my 5 petals flower plunger cutter. And I added 2 small red fondant balls on the tree as fruits. The sun was cut out using a round cutter while the rays were cut using my pizza cutter. And so was the brown fence at the corner. The tiny orange and white flowers with red and yellow centres were cut out with a 5 petal flower plunger cutter and the centres were merely tiny balls of fondant attached with shortening.
  • All these cut outs were attached to the cake with shortening.
  • Once the sides of the cake was completed, I added the 3D decorations. I placed the truck on the cake, right in the center. And then I poked the ‘Happy Birthday” message into the container I also added a 3D number “2” that was cut out in green fondant and attached to a toothpick. And then I added the birthday boy’s name on the truck.
  • Finally, I placed the remaining two 3D vehicles onto the cake, both on the cake board. To secure them in place, I applied a little fondant glue to the wheels for all 3 vehicles.
  • And that was how I decorated this dump truck birthday cake.


Hope this was useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Decorating :)

Dump Truck Birthday Cake

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