Deepavali Rangoli Cake Decorating Idea

I made this Deepavali Rangoli cake a couple of years ago and I just realized that I have never shared this cake anywhere. Since Deepavali (Diwali) festival is just 2 months away, I think this would be a good time to share the cake now. 

The inspiration of this cake came from the colorful rangoli designs that are very much part of the Indian culture. 

Accordingly to Wikipedia, Rangoli is an art form native to Nepal, India and Bangladesh (known as Alpana) in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals (extracted from Wikipedia (

My Rangoli design on this cake, however, was created using fondant and I used the 'painting on fondant technique' to create this bright colored edible Rangoli design.

How I made the Deepavali Rangoli Cake

These were the main supplies I used for this cake:

  • Cake - I baked a rectangle cake measuring 10 inches by 12 inches. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake. 
  • Butter icing - I covered the cake in butter icing. Butter icing is a much stiffer form of buttercream and I have a different recipe for butter icing on my blog. The major difference lies in the amount of sugar that goes into the icing. Butter icing contains a high proportion of sugar to butter as compared to buttercream.
  • Fondant - I used my homemade fondant for the rangoli design on the cake as well as for the wordings.
  • Gel food colors - I used Wilton food colors ( I'm afraid I do not remember the names of the colors but know for sure that they were all Wilton gel food colors)
  • Food paint brushes - I used the brushes to paint the fondant rangoli. All of my brushes are Wilton.
  • Wilton piping round tip #3 and star tip #16 - I used the round tip to pipe buttercream dots on the cake and the star tip to pipe the rope border around the cake.
  • Alphabet mold - I used Wilton alphabet mold for the wordings on the cake.

And this was how I decorated the Deepavali Rangoli cake:

  • Once the cake was baked and cooled, I leveled it. This was a single layer cake and the cake did not have any fillings.
  • I then covered the whole cake with butter icing and smoothed the icing all around the cake. The icing had an ivory hue to it because of the butter and I left it like that.
  • Once the cake had been covered with icing, I prepared the rangoli design.
  • I sketched the design on my own and once I was happy with it, I traced it onto a parchment paper and cut it out following its outer outline.
  • I then rolled my white fondant to about 1/8 inch thickness, placed the rangoli template on it and cut out the design following its outer outline (the rangoli design outline is a circle and that was the shape I cut out of my fondant.) 
  • Once I had the fondant cut out, still keeping the template on the cut out piece of fondant,  I used my knife tool and marked the lines of the rangoli design on the fondant. In marking the lines, I used the knife to cut along the lines on the template but I made sure to only apply enough pressure to leave a cut mark on the fondant and not cut it through. And by the time I completed the tracing, the rangoli parchment template was totally in pieces.
  • I removed the paper template and painted the fondant. In painting the rangoli, I diluted the gel food colors lightly with water and painted them onto the fondant. For added effect, each section of the rangoli had the paint gradually applied from a darker shade to a lighter shade of the same color. 
  • Once the painting was completed, I gently lifted the fondant rangoli piece with a large spatula and placed it on the cake. I then piped orange buttercream dots all around the outline of the design. I also piped green and yellow buttercream dots to other sections of the rangoli as shown:

  • After the rangoli design was completed, I did the wordings on the cake. For this, I used Wilton alphabet mold and fondant in brown and yellow colors. To make the double colored letters, first, having dusted the mold with cornstarch, I rolled yellow fondant into a thin sausage and put it in the mold. I used a thin bladed spatula to level and press the fondant down. After that, I placed brown fondant in the mold, on the yellow fondant earlier. I leveled and removed excess fondant from the molds so that when the letters are removed from the mold, the backs are level when placed on the cake.
  • I put the fondant filled mold into the fridge for a few minutes and then removed the alphabets from the mold. I must admit that the double colored letters were quite time consuming to make but the results were gorgeous.
  • Once I had all the alphabets, I arranged them on the cake. Since I was putting them on butter icing, the fondant alphabets did not require any further ''glue" to hold them in place on the cake. 

And finally, I completed the Deepavali Rangoli cake decoration by piping a rope border and random orange dots (in groups of three) all around the cake.

And that was how I made this Deepavali Rangoli Cake.

Hope you liked this sharing!

Please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts!

Happy decorating :)

Deepavali Rangoli Cake

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