Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

These decorated Easter sugar cookies are the latest addition to my decorated cookies collection. What do you think?

Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

These are a set of 2 cookies, each consisting of 2 different designs – one with a 2D fondant chick and the other with a 2D floral arrangement design. And the pastel colors of blue and cheerful tones of orange and yellow add to the overall mood of Easter.

The cookies were cut out in the shape of an egg, and since I did not have an egg shaped cookie cutter, I drew it on a piece of parchment paper and used it as the template to cut my rolled cookie dough. The recipe for the cookies is none other than my super delicious homemade sugar cookies recipe (you can get the recipe here).

As for the deco, the cookies were decorated entirely in fondant. I used fondant as it was the best medium to create 3D effect on the cookies namely the beaks for the chicks as well as the flowers and leaves.

I did not have any special cutters for the chicks so I had to use my round plunger cutter and the end of a large piping tip as my chick cutters. As you can see later in this post, I pretty much used these cutters and my sugar craft knife (plus my good old hands) to form the cute little fondant chick on the cookies. And I framed the little guy up on the cookies with a strip of pale green fondant that was piped using my fondant extruder tool. And to hide the joints, I added a tiny pastel yellow rolled flower with 2 leaves at the top.

The second design of the cookies set, i.e. the one with the floral arrangement design, was made with a number of cutters and molds. Firstly, the yellow and orange roses were formed using a silicone mold. The green leaves, on the other hand, were cut out using a teardrop shaped plunger cutter. The blue flowers, on the contrary were formed entirely by hand. And I arranged these flowers on the cookies such that the roses formed the main part of the bouquet towards the lower part of the cookies while the blue rolled flowers (in medium size) were positioned closer to the roses, and smaller ones towards the outer end of the bouquets. And the green leaves were added randomly to complete the bouquet. Once I had the placement figured out for one cookies, I followed the pattern on all other cookies. I made sure the placement of the roses, the blue rolled flowers and the leaves were consistent on all cookies. That way, they looked uniform and pretty.

Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

Lets look at the main supplies I used and the step by step tutorial on how I assembled these decorated Easter sugar cookies.

Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies Tutorial

These were the main supplies I used for making and decorating these Easter cookies:

  • Egg shaped sugar cookies – I used my homemade sugar cookies recipe to bake the cookies. The cookies were cut out using my sugar craft knife guided by a paper template that I drew myself. 
  • Fondant – The cookies were decorated entirely in fondant and the colors I used were Satin Ice white , orange , yellow and black .
  • Large piping tip – I used tip #2D, but not so much for the tip pattern. I merely wanted to use the open end of tip to cut out round fondant pieces for the chicks' body.
  • Sugarcraft knife - This was the multipurpose cutting tool I used throughout the decorating project.
  • Icing sugar to dust.
  • Fondant glue – This was the glue for this cookies project.

And this was how I assembled the cookies.

I started by baking the cookies which were cut out using an egg shaped paper template. I chilled the cut out cookies before baking so that they retain their shape.

Once baked and cooled to room temperature, I started decorating them.

Cookie Design 1 - Chicks Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies Tutorial

For this design, I covered the cookies in pastel blue fondant. To achieve the pastel blue, I mixed Royal Blue food color to white fondant and add just a tiny hint of Black food color. The amount of blue in the fondant was also very little.

Since I did not have an egg-shaped cutters, I used the cookies to guide me in cutting the fondant. To start with, I brushed the top of my cookies very lightly at the edges with fondant glue. And then I turned the cookies onto my rolled fondant, pressed them lightly so that the fondant sticks to the cookies and used the sugar craft knife to cut the fondant out following the shape of the cookies.

And then I lifted the cookies and turned them around. I smoothed the edges and adjusted the fondant such that the cookies were well covered in fondant.

Next, I rolled some yellow fondant and used my round plunger cutter and the end of my large piping tip number (I used tip number 2D here, but you can use any other tip) to cut out 1 circle each. These were to form the chicks’ head and body. 

And then, using my round plunger cutter, I cut out a small curve of the large yellow cut out and attached both pieces onto the cookies as shown.

After that, I cut out another round piece of yellow fondant using the back of my large piping tip. This piece was to form the wings of the chicks so I cut out 2 curved pieces of fondant out of the circle.

I then used my sugar craft knife to slit the edges as shown below:

And I attached these wings to either side of the chicks’ bodies with the help of some fondant glue.

For the legs, I used orange fondant. I pinched 2 equal sized fondant pieces and rolled them by hand to form elongated drumsticks shapes shown below:

Using my sugar craft knife, I made 2 slits on the wider end of each of the hand-formed drumstick pieces. This was to form the chicks’ feet. I adjusted the length and attached them to the chicks' body.

Using the same orange fondant, I made the chicks’ beak next. For the beaks, I cut out a diamond shaped piece of fondant and folded it into 2. I then attached the beak to the chicks’ face with fondant glue. In making the beak, the fondant need not be rolled too thin or it will not be able to hold the shape well.

Next was the eyes. These were made using 2 tiny black fondant pieces that has been rolled smooth. Before attaching the eyes, I made 2 small dents on the chicks’ face to position the eyes. This way, the eyes settled into the face more naturally. I applied a tiny bit of fondant glue to the dents and dropped the black eyes in.


Next, I used my sugar craft knife, made a small slit on the head and gently pulled the slit away from the head for the flying feather on the chicks’ head.

After that, using a fine tipped brush dipped in white food color, I dotted the eyes in white. With that, the eyes were completed.

To finish off this cookie decoration,  I went on to add the border around the top edge of the cookies. This was done using the extruder tool and pale green fondant (white fondant mixed with Wilton Juniper Green color). I attached the border to the cookies with the help of fondant glue.

And finally, I added the rolled flower and green leaves on the cookies. The flower was rolled by hand (in pale yellow that was white fondant mixed with a tiny part of yellow fondant) while the leaves (white fondant mixed with Wilton Juniper Green) were cut out using my teardrop plunger cutter. These were attached to the cookie with fondant glue.

With that, the Chick Decorated Easter Cookie design was complete.

Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

Cookie Design 2 - Floral Bouquet Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies Tutorial

Similar to the Chicks design above, I started by covering the cookies with a layer of fondant, but this time, I used pale yellow fondant (white fondant mixed with yellow fondant).

Next, I prepared the roses. These were formed using a silicone mold. To use the mold, I dusted it generously with icing sugar and then turned it around and tapped it lightly to remove excess sugar. And then, I pinched some fondant and pressed it firmly into the mould, making sure to apply enough pressure so that the fondant goes into to all the nooks and corners of the rose mold. I used a rolling pin to then smooth the top and remove any excess fondant that moved outside the mould cavity.

To remove the rose, I turned the mold over, and gently bent it so that the sides were loosened and continued bending and turning until the rose dropped out. This was how the rose turned out. 

Next, I made the blue rolled flowers. I used the same blue fondant that I used for the background of the chicks’ cookies to make these flowers.

I started by rolling a long thin piece of fondant and then thinned the edges with my fingers.  After that, I rolled it all the way to the end and secured the end with some fondant glue.

To make sure the flower was in about the same height as the roses, I cut it horizontally to flatten it.

And this was how the completed rolled flower looked like:

Next I cut out the leaves. To make the leaves, I mixed white fondant with Wilton Juniper Green color. And I cut them out using my medium sized teardrop shaped plunger cutter. For each leaf, I used my sugar craft knife to mark the centre line and pinched the edges slightly to form the leaves.

For some of the leaves, I trimmed the ends slightly so that they look more natural once arranged on the cookies.

And then I arranged the floral bouquet on the cookies, starting with the roses, followed by the blue rolled flowers and finally the leaves.


And similar to the Chicks cookies, I added a border around the edges of the cookies, this time using yellow fondant. 

Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

And with that, the cookies were completed.

Hope you enjoyed this decorated Easter Sugar Cookies tutorial.

Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies


Happy Decorating :)

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Decorated Easter Sugar Cookies

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