DIY Cupcake Wrappers Tutorial

Cupcake wrappers are a great way to decorate a cupcake. Not only do they add elegance to the cupcakes, they can also be used to match cupcakes to the overall theme of a party. While cupcake wrappers are easily available in the market, they are mostly suited for standard cupcake casing size and unable to fit muffin cups and mini cupcake casings. 

Cupcake wrappers are easy to make your own if you know how to figure out the right size that would fit your cupcake casings. 

I am sharing on this page, methods of making your own wrapper templates and with this technique, you can create cupcake wrapper templates for any cupcake sizes. 

How to Make DIY Cupcake Wrapper Templates

These are the main supplies required to make your own cupcake wrappers:

  • cupcake casing or muffin casing depending on the type of casing you use to bake your cupcakes (I am using both a normal cupcake casing and a muffin casing here to show the difference in the template design for each casing)
  • Color paper or wrapping paper in your preferred color or design (I am using a black and white damask pattern gift wrapping paper here)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A sharp pencil (for marking on paper)

And below is the step by step guide:

  • We start with the standard cupcake casing. Cut a straight line from the top to the bottom of the casing as shown above. 

  • Next, cut out the bottom of the cupcake casing.

  • This is how the cupcake casing should look like once you have completely cut out its bottom. 

  • Here I am showing you the same process as above but this time using a muffin casing. Cut a straight line from top to bottom of the casing. 

  • Cut out the base of the casing as shown. 

  • This is how the cut out muffin casing will look like. 

  • This image show the difference of how a normal cupcake casing looks like and how a muffin casing looks like once it is cut out. Please note that to make a cupcake wrapper template, you do not need the base circle cut outs of the casings, so you can discard them for the next steps. 

  • Depending on the casing you are using, place the cut out sides of the casing onto a cardboard. Here, I am using the muffin casing. Draw the outline of the cut out casing onto the cardboard. 

  • Once you have traced the pattern, extend the drawing on both sides by about 1 cm. The black lines in the image above shows the exact outline of the muffin casing sides as traced onto a cardboard. The red markings or lines on both sides of the pattern are the additional allowance of about 1cm on both sides of the traced muffin casing pattern. 

  • Here is the close up image of one side of the template. Please note that the extension of the pattern here is an exact rectangle. 

  • And this is the close up of the other end of the template. Please note that the extension here is not an exact rectangle. The top and bottom lines are drawn closer.

  • Cut the pattern out of the cardboard. At this point, your template is actually ready! Place the template onto the reverse side of your wrapping paper and trace the pattern onto it. 

  • Cut out the pattern. This is how the cut out wrapper will look like. 

  • Glue one side of the wrapper onto your cupcake casing. Start with the wrapper end that is not the perfect rectangle. I am using an empty casing here to give a better view of how to wrap the casing. 

  • Overlap the other end of the wrapper and secure it with some glue. 

  • This is how your casing should look like once it is wrapped. 

And here is how it looks on a casing with actual cupcake in it. 

That's it.

Hope you find this tutorial a help in making your own wrapper templates!

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