DIY Cupcake Wrapper Template Tutorial

Learn how to make your own cupcake wrapper template with this easy, step by step tutorial and starting dressing your cupcakes up in the most creative way ever! 

Cupcake wrappers are a great way to decorate a cupcake. These are not edible, but they definitely make a difference to the look of the cupcakes. Imagine being able to wrap your cupcakes in wrappers that match the overall theme of your party. You will sure have a lot of people impressed with your creativity. 

While cupcake wrappers are easily available in the market, they are mostly suited for standard cupcake casing size and are unable to fit muffin cups and mini cupcake casings. Plus they can be quite costly and you might not be able to find the right design to suit your theme.

Knowing how to come up with your own cupcake wrapper templates gives you plenty of opportunity to dress you cupcakes up in any way you want to!

Cupcake wrappers are easy to make your own if you know how to get the templates right.

I am sharing on this page, methods of making your own wrapper templates and with this technique, you can create cupcake wrapper templates for any cupcake sizes and use them for as many times as you want.

How to Make DIY Cupcake Wrapper Templates

These are the main supplies required to make your own cupcake wrappers:

  • Cupcake casing or muffin casing depending on the type of casing you use to bake your cupcakes (I am using both a normal cupcake casing and a muffin casing here to show the difference in the template design for each casing)
A normal cupcake casing (in gold) and a muffin casing (in white)
  • Color paper or wrapping paper in your preferred color or design to turn into cupcake wrappers (I am using a black and white damask patterned gift wrapping paper in this tutorial)
  • Double sided tape or glue - double sided tape and paper glue are sufficient if you are making paper wrappers, but if you are going to use cloth or other material that is hard to stick with normal glue or double sided tape, you may need to use hot glue or other stronger glues
  • A pair of scissors
  • A sharp pencil (for marking on paper)

And this is how I make my cupcake wrapper template:

  • In the next few steps, I am going to show you how different sized cupcake casings will require different sized wrapper templates.
  • We start with the standard cupcake casing. Cut a straight line from the top to the bottom of the casing as shown below. 

  • Next, cut out the bottom of the cupcake casing.

  • This is how the cupcake casing should look like once you have completely cut out its bottom. 

  • Here, I am showing you the same process as above but this time using a muffin casing. Similar to the cupcake casing above, cut a straight line from top to bottom of the casing. 

  • And then, cut out the base of the casing as shown. 

  • This is how the cut out muffin casing will look like. 

  • This image show the difference between a normal cupcake casing and a muffin casing once they are cut out. These cut-outs will form the base of your templates.
  • Do note that to make a cupcake wrapper template, you do not need the base circle cut-outs of the casings, so you can discard them for the next steps. 

  • Depending on the casing you are using, place the cut-out of the casing onto a cardboard. Here, I am using the muffin casing. Draw the outline of the cut-out casing onto the cardboard. 

  • Once you have traced the pattern, extend the drawing on both sides by about 1 cm. The black lines in the image below show the exact outline of the muffin casing as traced onto the cardboard. The red markings or lines on both sides of the pattern are the additional allowance of about 1cm on both sides of the traced muffin casing pattern. 

  • Here is the close up image of one side of the template. Note that the extension of the pattern here is an exact rectangle. 

  • And this is the close up of the other end of the template. Note that the extension here is not an exact rectangle and that the ends are narrower. 

  • Cut the pattern out and this cardboard cut-out is your cupcake wrapper template. So at this point, you already have your template ready. You can keep this template to cut any many cupcake wrappers you want out out of your preferred decorative paper/ other material to wrap your cupcakes.
  • Place the template onto the reverse side of your decorative paper and trace the pattern onto it. 

  • Cut the pattern out following its outline and turn it over. This is how the cut out wrapper will look like. 

  • Glue one side of the wrapper onto your cupcake casing. Start with the narrower end of the wrapper. I am using an empty cupcake casing here to give you a better view of how to wrap the casing. 

  • Wrap the decorative paper around the cupcake casing and overlap the other end of the wrapper onto the earlier glued end and secure it in place with some glue. 

  • This is how your casing should look like once it is wrapped. 

And this is how it looks on an actual cupcake. Easy right? 

These are pretty much the only steps you need to take to make your own cupcake wrappers. In fact, once you have your cardboard template ready, you can reuse it for as many times as you want.

So, you can start to not only decorate the cupcakes but also its casings. Hope you find this tutorial helpful in making your own wrapper templates!

Happy Decorating :)

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