Cupcake Wedding Cake

These cupcakes were part of a cupcake wedding cake I made for a customer.

I say cupcake-wedding-cake because the cupcakes were used as the wedding cake and there was absolutely no other cake except for the cupcakes. So the cupcakes were literally the wedding cake hence, cupcake wedding cake. It was the bride’s choice to have cupcakes instead of a cake. Her theme for the cupcakes was something pink and rustic and with minimal decoration.

She showed me a picture of her wedding venue set up and it was an indoor garden theme with lots of leaf vines in a white setting with occasional brown wood accents. The decoration also had a good amount of pale pink roses and other flowers.

To meet my customer’s request, I came up with this design. I discussed the designs with her and she was happy to go ahead with it. And here is how the cupcakes turned out:

The cupcakes were basically covered in buttercream and decorated with a single 5 petal piped flower and a green leaf.

The images I have on this page are just a few of the cupcakes. The rest of them were boxed in large bakery boxes. She picked up the cupcakes from me and her event planner was to set up the cupcakes for her at the wedding venue (that is why I don’t have a picture of the cupcakes all set up as a wedding cake!).

Here is how I made these cupcake wedding cake:

There is nothing fancy about these cupcakes. They are fairly fast and easy to make. There was also not much of upfront preparation except for the flowers. Even that could be finished fairly quickly.

Here is what I used and how I assembled this design:

  • The cupcakes were baked using my butter pound cake recipe. I had to make a 150 cupcake altogether. The cakes were baked in silver colored cupcake liners.
  • I used buttercream to cover the cupcakes and also to pipe the leaves on the cupcakes. For the base buttercream I did not tint it with any colors. The original ivory shade of the buttercream was perfect for the cupcakes design and matched my customer’s color theme. For the leaves, I tinted the buttercream in green using Wilton Moss Green food coloring.
  • The pink flowers were hand piped using royal icing. Royal icing consistency must be stiff in order for the flowers to hold shape. I tinted the royal icing in 2 shades of pink, one light and one dark. The lighter one was for the petals and the darker shade was used to pipe flower centres.  These flowers were made a few days in advance. Although the order was for 150 cupcakes and I only required 150 of these flowers, I went ahead and made 180 of these. I always make extras to given allowance for breakages.
  • And, before I miss this out, I would like to mention that I did not pipe the flowers directly onto the cupcakes. These were piped onto small squares of parchment paper and let to set and dry before the parchment paper is peeled off. I stored the flowers in a container until they were required.
  • Having prepared the flowers ahead of time, assembling the cupcakes was quite a breeze. I covered the cupcakes with buttercream and to give the cupcakes a rustic look, I did not smooth the icing, and instead I left it with the icing palate knife stroke marks clearly visible for a rustic country feel. Next, I attached one flower on each cupcake with a dot of buttercream and then piped the green leaves.

And that is how I made these cupcake wedding cake.

Hope you enjoyed this sharing.

Happy decorating!

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