Easy Floral Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Floral cupcake decorating ideas need not be difficult. People often feel that floral themed cakes and cupcakes or even cookies are time consuming and require a more advanced level of cake decorating skill set.

Floral Cupcake Decorating Idea

But that need not be the case at all. Well, at least for me. I love cake and cupcake decorating, but the amount of time I put into any project would really depend on the occasion the cakes or cupcakes are made for (only when I am baking on a personal account. Its different when I bake for customers, the decision on the design would depend on my customers and their budget).

For instance, if I am baking and decorating a cake or cupcakes of a picnic or simple tea get together with family, I would prefer a simpler and less time consuming decorating ideas because I know we are there more for eating and having a good time as compared to a birthday party or a baby shower party where the intention is to celebrate someone, and therefore I don’t mind putting in for time for the person we are celebrating for, to make him or her feel special and appreciated.

So, here are a few easy floral cupcake decorating ideas I have created before. I personally like floral themed decoration for cakes and cupcakes, so I have a tendency to choose this theme more than others when I am decorating without any special requests from anyone.

Easy Floral Cupcake Decorating Ideas - How To

These cupcakes were decorated with a few different types of flowers. If you can see, most of these flowers are often used as filler flowers, meaning they are normally not the main flowers on a cake or cupcakes but rather are used to complement the main flowers.

I always have these filler flowers on hand, either left overs for another cake or cupcake project or extras that I normally make in advance to use for rush orders.

These are a list of flowers that went onto these cupcakes and a little description on how I made them:

  • Mini daisies and large daisies – these were cut out of fondant with daisy flower petal cutters. The centers are yellow dots of royal icing. I let these flowers set in a water color palette and the curved bottom of the palette set the flowers into a natural bloom.
  • Pink 5 petals flower – these are piped royal icing flowers and were extras from a wedding cake order. The flowers are piped using Wilton rose petal tip. The centers are royal icing in dark shade of pink.
  • Mini 5 petals pink and magenta flowers with centers – these are the easiest. They are cut out from fondant with plunger cutters. The cutters come in a set of about 5 cutters of same flower design but in different sizes.

Here is how I made the cupcakes:

  • The cupcakes are baked using my butter pound cake recipe. I baked them in silver cupcake liners. The cupcakes turned out only slightly domed and it was exactly how I wanted them to be.
  • The frosting for the cupcakes is none other than my buttercream. I tinted the buttercream in Wilton Moss Green for one part and the other part was left at its original ivory shade.

Assembling the cupcakes was fairly easy. I tried to create different sets of floral designs. The first set was a combination of the pink royal icing flowers and mini daisies. I balanced the size of the larger pink flowers and mini daisies by having a few daisies grouped together on a single cupcake compared to the pink flowers which were placed individually on each cupcake. 

The second set had a combination of all the mini flowers, i.e. the mini daisies and mini 5 petal flowers. I mixed and matched the flowers so that each cupcake had a balance of all the colors of the flowers.

For the third set, I tried having one large flower and one mini flower on each cupcake, so I had a set of large and mini daisies on some cupcakes while the others cupcakes had the pink royal icing flower and mini 5 petals flower. These flowers were set on ivory buttercream covered cupcakes. I also added a buttercream leaf for the pink royal icing flower to give the cupcakes a hint of the color green in its decoration.

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this easy floral cupcake decorating idea.

Thank you for reading :)

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