Crimping Technique in Cake Decorating

Crimping technique is a very well known art of cake decorating. Those who are well into cake decorating will definitely know what this cake decorating technique is all about. 

Fondant crimping technique - a cake decorating guide

For those who are not familiar, I hope you will find this page useful and start using this stunning cake decorating technique in your projects.

What is  fondant crimping technique and what are crimper tools?

Crimping technique is used on fondant and involves the use of special crimper tools. The crimpers look like small thongs with patterned edges. They are used to imprint puffed up patterns on cakes. Here are a pair of crimpers I own. Both come in heart shapes (different sizes) with serrated edges.

Crimper tools for fondant

You may notice the black band tied around both the ‘arms’ of the crimpers. These are elastic rubber bands that determined the width of the pattern imprinted on your cakes or fondant. You will have to adjust the band to the top or towards the edge of the crimpers to achieve the desired width. 

How to use Crimpers for the Fondant Crimping Technique

Crimpers can only be used on fondant. So, if your cake board is covered in fondant, you can use crimpers to create patterns on it. It’s a great way to decorate a cake board. 

To use a crimper, you will first need to adjust the rubber band on the tool so that it is at the correct width. 

Next, with the ‘arms’ of the crimpers still open, insert it halfway through into your fondant. It is very important to remember at this point in time to NOT INSERT THE TOOL ALL THE WAY TILL THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FONDANT because when you pinch your fondant, you will tear the fondant and your cake or cake board underneath the fondant will then become visible, spoiling your entire cake decoration. 

Once you have inserted the crimper halfway into the fondant, gently press the ‘arms’ of the crimpers together. This will give you a pretty puffed pattern on your cake or cake board. 


  • Before you begin crimping on your cake or cake board, it is always advisable to practice on a piece of scrap fondant or practice fondant first. Crimping is a great cake decorating technique and can produce stunning results on your cakes. It’s easy to use but still needs some practice. And if it goes wrong on your cake, it cannot be undone, so it is very important to have that piece of practice fondant by your side when you are crimping.
  • Crimping should also be done while the fondant is still soft. Once it dries, you will not get the desired results.
  • To avoid your crimper from sticking to the fondant when crimping, dip it in a little icing sugar, before beginning to crimp.
  • In order to use the crimper tools, your fondant doesn’t have to be extra thick. The normal 1/8 of an inch thickness is good enough.
  • The crimp patterns on your cake can be further enhanced with luster dusts, gold and silver dusts, glitter dusts or piped icing.

Here is a video from Winbeckler giving detailed guidance on how to use crimpers correctly on fondant. In a nutshell, it explains how to use the rubber band on the crimpers to adjust the opening of the crimper tools, how to avoid teeth marks on the cake, the depth into which the crimpers need to be inserted into the fondant to get the right crimped impression on cakes. It also shares some ideas on how to decorate the crimped fondant with luster dusts.

Crimper Shapes and Patterns

All the crimpers I know are either made of stainless steel or plastic. There are many different patterns available in crimpers with edges that are either plain and straight or serrated.

Amazon has a good selection of fondant crimpers. You can easily get these crimpers at Amazon.

Crimping on fondant - a cake decorating technique

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