Baking Conversion Charts

This page contains baking conversion charts for measuring ingredients used in baking cakes. These charts come in handy when you don’t have the means to measure the ingredients as given in a recipe. For example, if you do not have a weighing scale, then you can use these charts to convert the metric and imperial measurements in the recipe to cups and spoons measures. Similarly, if you do not have the measuring cups and spoons, then these charts will guide you to most accurately convert the ingredients into imperial or metric conversions. 

In my experience in baking cakes, it is worth the investment to have both the weighing scale as well as at least one set of measuring cups and spoons. For those who don’t have them, I hope these charts will be useful for you to achieve your best baking results. 

Oven temperatures Conversion Chart

Celcius Fahrenheit Gas Mark
120 250 1/2
150 300 2
170 325 3
180 350 4
190 375 5
200 400 6
220 425 7
230 450 8
240 475 9

Linear Measures

Metric Imperial
5 mm 1/4 inch
1 cm 1/2 inch
2 cm 3/4 inch
2.5 cm 1 inch

Dry Ingredients

Metric Imperial
15g 1/2 oz
30g 1 oz
60g 2 oz
90g 3 oz
100g 3 1/3 oz
125g 4 oz
150g 5 oz
250g 8 oz
300g 10 oz
375g 12 oz
500g 16 oz (1 lb)
1 kg 2 lb


Metric Imperial Cups
60ml 2 fl oz 1/4
80ml 2 ½ fl oz 1/3
125ml 4 fl oz 1/2
250ml 8 fl oz 1
500ml 16 fl oz 2
600ml 1 pint -

Spoon Measures

Spoon Metric
1/4 tsp 1.25ml
1/2 tsp 2.5ml
1 tsp 5 ml
1 tbsp 20 ml

Easy Equivalents

Cup Metric/Imperial
I cup self raising flour 125g/4 oz
1 cup plain flour 125g/4 oz
1 cup corn flour 125g/4 oz
1 cup castor sugar 250g/8 oz
1 cup icing sugar (sifted) 125g/4 oz
1 cup brown sugar (packed) 185g/6 oz
1 cup dried fruits (raisins, sultanas, etc) 125g/4 oz
1 cup ground nuts 110g/ 3 2/3 oz

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