Colorful Cupcakes - How Plain Colors Can Do Wonders to your Cupcakes

Looking for ideas to make colorful cupcakes that are vibrant and cheerful?

Well, nothing is more bright and vibrant than a palette of cheerful colors. Decorating cupcakes with a selection of contrast plain colors can be very attractive, even when there are no other elements of deco present. What is important is the choice of colors.

Here is one such cupcake project I have worked on.

These colorful cupcakes were made for a loyal customer of mine.

Her office was organizing a party and she wanted me to make cupcakes that are colorful and attractive to look at. She was working on a rather tight budget and so I suggested these plain colored cupcakes in a variety of colors for her. I say plain colored cupcakes in a variety of colors because the cupcakes were meant to be plain colored but in totally contrasting colors. Plain colored cupcakes without the phrase 'in a variety of colors' could well mean plain colored cupcakes in different shades of the same color.

Did I get you confused there?

Well never mind. Let’s move on to the cupcakes I made below:

So, my customer agreed to my suggestion and I set on making 50 of these cupcakes.

Here is how I made these colorful cupcakes:

The cupcakes were made using my sprinkles cupcakes recipeClick here for the full recipe. This is basically vanilla cupcake batter filled with colorful sprinkles. I thought the sprinkles cupcakes would be a perfect complement for the plain colored frosting on the cupcakes. (My customer later sent me a thank you message for the cupcakes and told me of the good reviews the cupcakes got for the surprise sparks of color in the cupcakes themselves.)

I used shiny silver color cupcake casings for the cupcakes and the silver was a great choice as it took on a more neutral shade and this has worked well with all the frosting colors.  

The frosting itself was royal icing. I divided the icing into 5, tinted 4 of those using Wilton colors in royal blue, yellow, moss green and pink and left the last part in its original white color.  

Let me explain why I used royal icing instead of fondant. My customer did not want buttercream. Fondant was her choice to be frank. But I suggested royal icing. The reason is because since the cupcakes were plainly frosted, a little bit of texture on the icing can add more character to the cupcakes. Plus, this was for a casual event, and flat fondant icing would seem a little incomplete without any additional decorations.

So I resorted to leaving the frosting on the cupcakes not so smooth, on purpose, simply for the texture.

My customer liked the cupcakes and I was glad to have made her happy.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on using plain colors for your cupcakes.

Happy cupcaking!

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