Chocolate Icing Recipe

Let me introduce you to another of my delicious chocolate icing recipe, made using only three  ingredients, all of which are very common in most homes - chocolate, icing sugar and butter.

The thing I like most about this icing, besides its taste off course, is its consistency. Compared to my chocolate ganache, this icing is easier to work with (at least for me!) not only as a cake covering but also for piping. Since I live in a warm climate, this icing is more stable and that simply makes it easier to work with compared to chocolate ganache which is very depended on the surrounding temperature.

See the cake above? It's a 5 inch round cake baked using my chocolate cake recipe. This cake was all filled and covered in this chocolate icing and I chose to create a simple spiked effect on the cake. See how the peaks are formed? That is the consistency of the icing. But that does not mean its too stiff. It is still soft enough for any piping work and is able hold shape well. So this icing is definitely something that can be tried as an alternative to chocolate ganache or even chocolate buttercream or chocolate butter icing

In terms of taste, this chocolate icing  is a little more on the sweeter side as compared to chocolate ganache so this is definitely something to consider when making this icing. Which is also why I use dark chocolate in the recipe. Milk chocolate or any other chocolate tend to make the icing too sweet to some people's liking. And since the chocolate needs to be melted before other ingredients are added in, I find chopping it into small pieces not only helps to melt it faster but also helps the chocolate to melt more uniformly. And to make the chopping less laborious, I normally leave my chocolate at room temperate for at least an hour before chopping. This helps in making the chocolate soft enough, not only for easier chopping, but also helps in reducing the melting time. 

Chocolate Icing Recipe


170g cooking chocolate

100g butter (salted)

180g icing sugar


Chop chocolate into small pieces. Put it in a heat proof bowl over a pan of hot water. Stir occasionally. 

Once the chocolate is almost melted, add the butter. Remove from heat and stir until all chocolate and butter is melted.

Sift icing sugar to remove any lumps. Add to the chocolate mixture and beat well. 

If the icing is too dry, add a bit more shortening or butter. 

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