Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Chocolate dipped heart cookies for Valentine’s day anyone? Here is a set of such cookies I made and decorated recently:

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

I like decorating cookies in sets and by that I mean designing a set of cookies with at least 2 different designs of the same theme in each batch, like I did here and here.

For this set, I choose 2 different designs with a common theme – hearts. The cookies were baked using my perfect homemade sugar cookies recipe (I call it perfect because its is just that – perfect in taste (rich buttery taste) and size (the cookies hold their shaped so well during baking, they are in the exact same shape after baking as they went into the oven).

Back to the design on this chocolate dipped heart cookies set. For the background, I chose to dip them completely in dark chocolate. I used dark couverture chocolate to coat the cookies. To do this, I simply melted my chocolate buttons (using the double boiler method) and then dipped my cookies into the melted chocolate.

As for the deco, I used red fondant. And that was the only color I used on this cookie set. For the first design, I made tiny little puffed fondant hearts and attached them to the cookies. The hearts were made entirely by hand without any cutters or tools (yes, you read it right. Click here for a full tutorial on how to make your own puffed fondant hearts (including miniature ones like the ones on this page) without any cutters) and attached to the cookies with tiny dots of melted chocolate.

For the second design, I made a fondant bow and laid it slanting across the cookie. Again, I did not use any special molds for the bow, just my ruler and pizza cutting wheel (more on how to make the bow below). And off course, the single puffed fondant heart at the top left corner of the cookie was formed by hand, similar to the miniature ones on my first design.

Overall, I had a lot of fun decorating these cookies set. The only tricky part was handling the chocolate. The hot and humid country I live in is absolutely unforgiving for chocolate work. Which is my I chose couverture chocolate (as it is more stable with heat compared to normal chocolate), but I still had to work in an air-conditioned room.

Other than that, I truly enjoyed decorating these cookies. And truly enjoyed eating the chocolate covered cookies too!

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Below is my full step by step tutorial on how to decorate these hearts themed cookies set:

How to Decorate Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

These were the main supplies I used to decorate the cookies:

  • Chocolate – This was used to coat the cookies. You can use any chocolate you want, and I used dark chocolate for this recipe as the dark chocolate gave the cookies a pretty contrast to the bright red deco that went on them.
  • Pizza cutting wheel– This was the tool I used to cut the fondant when making the bow on the cookies.
  • Toothpicks – these were used to help in making the miniature puffed fondant hearts on the cookies as well as to apply chocolate to the hearts to stick them to the cookies.
  • Wire racks– This was used to place the cookies after dipping them in chocolate, to allow excess chocolate to drip off the cookies.
  • Parchment squares – I cut my parchment paper into smaller squares that could fit one cookie each. Placing the cookies on individual parchment made it easier to work of the cookies, one at a time.
  • Sugarcraft knife – I used this knife to trim off excess chocolate on the sides of my chocolate dipped cookies.


This was how I assembled the cookies:

I started by baking my cookies and cooling them down completely to room temperature. Heat is totally unforgiving for chocolate so its really important that the cookies have totally cooled down to room temperature. I normally bake mine at least one day before decorating.

Next is to coat the cookies with chocolate. There are 2 ways to doing this. First method is to dip the cookies completely into melted chocolate, lift them with a fork and place them on a wire rack to let excess chocolate drip off and then transfer them to a parchment paper to let the chocolate set completely.  The other option is to arrange the cookies on a wire rack and pour the melted chocolate over. Wait until all excess chocolate has dripped off and transfer the coated cookies onto parchment paper to set completely. With the first option, the cookies will be coated with chocolate all around. With the second option though, only the top and sides will be coated with chocolate and the bottom will remain uncoated.


I chose the first option because I wanted the cookies to be completely covered in chocolate. And so I melted the chocolate over a double boiler (see my post here on how to melt chocolate) and dipped my cookies one by one into the chocolate.

Once I’ve transferred my cookies onto parchment paper (I cut the paper into squares large enough to fit one cookie each as it is easier to work with that way), I placed them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to let the chocolate set. An important lesson I learned about keeping chocolate coated treats in the refrigerator is that they tend to sweat when taken out to room temperature. And although the water does not cause the chocolate to melt, it does leave unsightly marks on the chocolate. This normally happens when the cookies (or cakes or any other treats) have been too long in the refrigerator that they have completely chilled. To avoid this, I normally make sure I don’t leave my chocolate covered goodies too long in the refrigerator. They only remain in there for a short period of time that is just nice to set the chocolate. And then I take them out to room temperature and keep them in a cool place (I live in a very hot and humid country, so this is an extra effort for me).

Once removed them from the refrigerator, trim off the excess chocolate that has settled at the edges of the cookies. To do this, I used my sugar craft knife and while holding the cookie on one hand, I carefully removed the parchment paper underneath in sections and carefully trimmed off the excess chocolate. 

This was how the cookie looked after all the trimming.

Next was the fondant deco on the cookies. Since this cookie set comes in 2 different designs, I started by completing one design first and then did the other.

For the first design which is the cookies covered in miniature puffed fondant hearts (I have a separate tutorial on how to make the puffed hearts and you can read it here).  The idea is to have a polka dots design on the cookies but instead of plain circles, I chose miniature puffed hearts. And to make sure the hearts were placed in equal intervals on the cookies, I used FMM Sugarcraft pattern press tool to mark the position of the hearts.

The tool looks like a fondant smoother but instead of a smooth surface, it has tiny spikes on it that actually help to mark the dots.

To mark the dots, roughly eyeball the position of the spikes on the cookies and then gently place it on the cookie to mark the dots. No need to exert any pressure as the chocolate is soft and can be marked easily. Lift the tool up and you will see the dots all ready to take on the puffed hearts. If you don’t have the tool, you can always eyeball the position and do it row by row so that you can have the marks in an orderly pattern.

Next is attaching the hearts on the cookie. To do that, if the chocolate on the cookie as totally set, use a toothpick to apply a tiny amount of chocolate at the back of each heart and attach them to the cookie. And this is how the completed cookie should look like:

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

The next design has a fondant bow on. To make the bow, I rolled some red fondant and cut out a few thin strips in the same width. I took the longest piece and placed it on the cookie is a slanting position and trimmed off the excess at the sides. If the chocolate on the cookie has totally set, lightly brush some melted chocolate at the back of the fondant strip before attaching it to the cookie.

Next, cut out of equal sized strips of fondant for the bow loops. Loop them and cut off excess fondant. I used fondant glue to hold the loops in place.

Next, I cut out 2 more strips, placed one halfway on the other strip and wrapped it around the earlier made loops.

I turned the bow over and used my fondant tool to smooth and adjust the bow.

Before adding the bow onto the cookie, again, I cut out 2 strips of fondant, cut out a tiny triangle piece at the end of each strip and attached them to the fondant strip on the cookie. To hold them in place, I used fondant glue.

And then I attached the loops (also with the help of some fondant glue) and adjust the bow so that it is in the exact position I wanted it to be on the cookie.

And finally, I added a puffed fondant heart on the top left corner of the cookie. The heart was formed by hand without any tools or cutters just like the miniature red hearts in the first design above (get the tutorial here) and attached to the cookie with some melted chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

And with that, the chocolate dipped heart cookies set was completed.

Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

Hope you enjoyed this chocolate dipped heart cookies tutorial. 

Happy decorating :)

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Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

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