Easy Chocolate Cake Decoration

Looking for easy chocolate cake decoration ideas? Here is a super easy decorating idea I used for my chocolate cake last weekend and the whole process took me less than 15 minutes with results that was absolutely pleasing to the eyes!

Easy Chocolate Cake Decoration Idea 

Here are the supplies I used for this project:

  • Chocolate cake - I baked the cake using my chocolate cake recipe (best ever chocolate cake recipe!). The cake itself measured 5 inches in diameter and approximately 6 inches tall. The recipe was calculated for 5 eggs (half the recipe for 9 inches round cake tin) and I baked it in 5 inch round cake tins. The batter was enough for 4 layers of cake, but I only used 3 for this project. We finished the other one immediately after baking. My kids and husband love the cake fresh out of the oven!
  • Chocolate icing - The quantity was exactly as mentioned in the recipe here and it was just nice for the cake (there was absolutely no balance left!). The filling in between each cake layer was pretty thin, and that is simply because we all like it that way, but if you want more, its best to increase the icing quantity. This icing uses dark chocolate and the higher the quality of the chocolate used, the richer this frosting is. I used dark chocolate and the taste was absolutely divine!
  • Royal icing - I used royal icing for the flowers on the cake (the ones in blue and white). The truth is, I had quite a number of these flowers on hand from my other project and decided to use them here. It is perfectly fine to use buttercream for these flowers. They would work just fine. I have a separate page written on how to pipe these simple flowers in buttercream and so will not be talking about how to make them here. Please click here to read on how to pipe these flowers.
  • Buttercream - I used buttercream for the leaves. Again, I had balance of this green buttercream from my another cake project, so the choice of using royal icing for the flowers and buttercream for the leaves was purely a matter of convenience for me.

And here is how I assembled the cake:

  • I started with the basics - leveled the cakes. I had 3 layers of cake for this project.

  • Next was the filling. I filled each layer with a thin layer of the chocolate icing and stacked the cakes. In doing this, I made sure the cakes are all stacked upright in as straight line as possible.

  • Once the cakes were all stacked, I coated the rest of the cake with the remaining icing. I started with the sides and then the top. At this stage, the icing need not be smooth, suffice if it is evenly coated.

  • And then, using the back of a teaspoon, I created a small dent on the cake. To do this, press the back of the spoon lightly into the icing (not too hard as we dont want to scrap the icing off the cake) and then scoop the icing upwards, moving the spoon away from the cake.

  • Here is how the first scoop looked like.

  • I continued with the rest of the cake, until the whole cake was filled with 'dents' and 'spikes'. Once you get the hang of it, this should be quite fast.

  • And then, I decorated the cake with the royal icing flowers. I simply placed the flowers on the cake where I wanted them to be, and finished off with some buttercream leaves. And that's was it, one of my easy chocolate cake ideas. 

Hope you enjoyed this easy chocolate cake decoration idea.

Happy cake decorating!

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