Chocolate Butterscotch Studs Cake for 75th Birthday

I made this chocolate butterscotch studs cake for my dad's 75th birthday. This was an impromptu design and I managed to bake and assemble the cake all in about 3 hours. 

I don't normally quite like to bake and decorate my cakes on the same day, but this cake was special. There was a last minute change in the plan on the party date. We initially planned the party on the birthday itself and found out 2 days before the party that my dad had classes to teach on his birthday (my dad still actively teaches language in our community center). And so we decided we would celebrate one day earlier as it was on a Saturday and everyone was at home. 

My sister and I decided to throw a pot luck party, I made some dinner dishes and the cake and she did some other dinner dishes. So that left me with not much choice but to cramp all the cooking, baking and decorating into one day!

That then meant that I had to keep the deco for the cake as quick and easy as possible and so I decided to use chocolate ganache (as it was quicker to prepare compared to butter cream) and decorated the cake with chocolate buttons and butterscotch chips and strawberries.

Here are the full details:

Chocolate Butterscotch Studs Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used for the cake:

  • Cake - The cake was baked in 6 inch round cake tins. I used my chocolate cake recipe for the cake, and used the measurements for 5 eggs. I baked a total of 3 layers of cakes.
  • Chocolate ganache - The cake was filled and covered with chocolate ganache. I used a ratio of 2:1, the 2 parts being dark chocolate and the 1 part being the cream. 
  • Dark chocolate buttons - I purchased these from a local cake decorating shop. These were made of compound chocolate.
  • Number cutters - These were used to cut out the numbers 7 & 5 for the cake.
  • Strawberries

And this was how I put the cake together:

I started by baking the cakes. I divided the batter into 3 cake tins and once the cake were baked, I cooled at room temperature for about 30 minutes and them wrapped them in cling wrap and refrigerated them to cool them down faster. 

The wrap helps the cakes from drying out in the refrigerator.

While waiting for the cakes to cool down, I prepared the ganache. And again, since ganache needs time to thicken, I placed it in the fridge too, to fasten the cooling process.

Once the cakes have cooled down completely, I unwrapped them and leveled the tops. And then I sandwiched them with chocolate ganache and covered the top and sides with ganache too. My ganache, at the ratio of 2 parts chocolate and 1 part cream was in a pipe able consistency and therefore still very soft. To help with smooth sides, I placed the ganache covered cake in the fridge to chill a bit before giving it one last final smoothing. 

Once that was done, I attached the chocolate buttons and the butterscotch chips. I started with the bottom layer and added the dark compound chocolate buttons all around the cake before adding the butterscotch chips in between the chocolate buttons. And when adding the chips, I poked the pointed ends into the ganache to make use for the flat bottoms. That way, I had nice flat round studs all around the cake.

Once the bottom was completed, I moved to the top edge. Again, I started with the dark chocolate buttons and then completed with the butterscotch chips.

And then I added the numbers 7 & 5. There was not much space on the cake for any other wordings, so I decided to go with just the numbers. Again, I placed the cake in the fridge to get the ganache to set a little. Adding the fondant numbers onto a soft ganached cake is not a good idea especially if you don't get the cut outs placed correctly in the first attempt. So I choose to refrigerate the cake until the ganache has hardened and then attached the numbers. No special glue was necessary, the fondant stayed well in place on the ganache.

Next, I added the strawberries. I selected a total of 6 strawberries that were as similar as possible in size. I then cut each into half. To ensure the fruits were well spaced on the cake top, I started by adding 2 exactly on the opposite of each other (in a 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position). Then I added another 2, in between the earlier 2 pieces (at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position). At this point, I had 4 pieces on the cake, each in a quarter position on the cake. Next, I added 2 pieces of strawberries in between each quadrant. That way, it was easier for me to space the fruits evenly on the cake.

For the final touch, I added one butterscotch chip each in between each strawberry piece on the cake. And with that, my dad's 75th birthday chocolate butterscotch studs cake was complete. 

What do you think?

75th Birthday Chocolate Butterscotch Studs Cake

Pin this cake idea for later here:

75th Birthday Chocolate Butterscotch Studs Cake

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