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Welcome to Cakes Gallery page. You will find on this page, creative and beautiful cake designs submitted by generous readers and visitors like you.

I have created this page as a platform for us, fellow cake decorators,  (whether you are decorating for leisure, or trying out new skills in cake decorating or a serious cake decorator), to share our designs and masterpieces and exchange tips and ideas about cake decorating. 

The cake pictures and ideas on this page are categorized according to the themes. Click on each theme to see more cake pictures related to that particular theme. For cakes that do not fall into any of the categories, I have created a 'miscellaneous/others' category to fit such cakes. 

If you too have a great cake design that you would like to share, you can submit your designs here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the submission form. Alternatively, you can also submit your cake ideas in the 'Submit A Cake' page. Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting any cake pictures to avoid disappointments.

I do hope that with each cake photo that you submit, you share the story behind it. Tell us how and why you choose the theme, how do you decided on the design, your challenges in decorating the cake, things you learnt while decorating the cake, any shortcuts or tips that you can share with others as well as how you would do things differently if you were to do it again. Do also share any mishaps, decorating glitches and funny experiences in decorating your masterpieces. We would all like to hear your story :) :)

I hope the cake designs on this page will be an inspiration for your next cake decorating projects. Click on each thumbnails below to see larger pictures and detailed decorating instructions. 

You will find that some of the cakes pictures below barely have any decorating tips or description. I publish these on my page  because I believe they will be an inspiration for some especially those who are just starting out at cake decorating. More recently, however, I have revised the submission guidelines to provide only the best quality content to all my readers. Each submission must have a description of at least 300 words. If you are not sure of what to write or how to describe your cakes, please check the submission guidelines here. Each submission is manually reviewed to ensure quality of this website is not compromised.

Cakes Gallery

Colors and Shapes Inspired Cakes

Hope you are inspired with the cakes in this cakes gallery. 

Happy Decorating :)

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