Cake Recipes

A true and tried collection of cake recipes that are not to be missed. Also includes calculated recipes for various cake tin sizes!

Calculated Cake Recipes

These calculated cake recipes are my most treasured cake recipe collection. These are all from my cake menu when I was running a cake decorating business, and I have baked each of these cake so many times that I have lost count of the number of times I have baked them, not forgetting all the various different round and square sizes I have baked them in.

So, for these recipes, instead of just a list of ingredients and a specific cake tin size, I have also included the ingredients measure for various round and square cake tin sizesThese are all baked-from-scratch recipes, which means these recipes will give you consistent results no matter which part of the world you are in so long as you choose the best quality ingredients and follow the instructions and recipe notes precisely. If you are new to cake baking and decorating, these cakes would make a good set of basic cake recipes, to begin with.

All these cakes are moist and carve well, making them not only perfect for layering and stacking, but also for 3D cakes.

And they last well too. Each (except the light fruit cake that can last for more than a month) can last at room temperature for a good 4 to 5 days (provided they are handled without any moisture) and last even longer when refrigerated. They also work well with almost any type of frosting (except for fruit cake) and are therefore very versatile and worth adding to your recipe collection.

If I have to choose the best among all these recipes, the butter pound cake will be my pick. It’s my family favorite; we have it for all our birthdays, year in year out. I have baked it so many times that I can remember the ingredients measurement by heart. And the best feature of this recipe is that the flavor can be easily varied by just adding one or two additional ingredients, without having to adjust the rest. A simple chocolate chip cake can be created by just adding some chocolate chips to the prepared batter. Similarly, for a citrus-flavored cake, a few teaspoons for orange or lemon rind and orange or lemon juice yields a refreshing citrus-flavored butter cake. Other variations include adding various types for glazed and dried fruits such as raisins, sultanas, cranberries, and cherries.  

As for my fruit cake recipe, though traditionally, decorated fruit cakes are typically covered with a layer of marzipan before fondant or royal icing. I have not used mine for any decorating projects. I have only made them plain for festive occasions and as wedding favors (cut into serving sizes of 1 inch by 1 inch and packed into small favor boxes).  

Handled with care, all these cakes can last up to one week at room temperature. The shelf-life of these cakes can be increased further by refrigerating them (fruit cakes last longer off course and do not require refrigerating as they last well in room temperature).

Tip: Always use premium quality ingredients, follow the exact measurements and baking instructions for perfect cakes every time!

Cake Recipe - True and tried collection of personal cake recipes

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