Cake Designs and Tutorial

I am super excited that you have reached my cake designs and tutorial page. This page, I must say, is my most treasured page on this website, more like a photo album reminiscing memories in my cake decorating journey. After all, I am a self taught cake decorator and when I first started, my cakes were as amateurish as they can get. So I have this page, where I capture all my cakes (almost all actually, some are not here, and that is because I was either totally stressed out decorating them that I did not bother taking any photographs or  because the photographs turned out so so blurry and unfocused, there is no point putting them up here) starting right from the time I started my cake decorating journey many years ago up to the ones I decorated just weeks or months ago.  

My journey 

Looking back at some of my earlier designs, I have wondered many a times if I should remove them and only leave the more recent, nicer looking cake designs here. But time and again, I end up not taking any of them off this page and its all for a very simple reason of wanting to be able to make a difference to all those who are starting out at cake decorating, be it as a hobby or as a business. I want to be able to show people that we all have to start somewhere and improve over time. These cakes remind me of times when I first started learning cake decorating and how I have progressed over the years. And it is also important to point out that the learning journey in cake decorating never stops or slows down. There are so many new techniques out there that keep evolving and changing, cake decorating has become as dynamic as any other skill one can master. 

Credit to Cake Designers

The cakes I have here are all decorated by me, and they include those that I did for fun at home trying out a new piping skills or technique, those that I did for family and friends (mostly for free or very discounted price) and those which I made and sold to my customers. 

Having said that, while I had the opportunity to design most of these myself, there are some that were replicated from other designers. These cakes are mostly those that were requested by my customers. I personally prefer to design my own but do accommodate requests to reproduce designs from other designers, especially when the request comes from customers.  I try my best to provide a direct credit to the original designer where I can (sometimes my customers save the cake images from the internet and send them to me and while I am able to do a search on the internet and identify the original designer, there are times when I am totally not able to trace them). For these cakes, you will notice that I provide a simple mention about credit going to the original designer.

If you happen to know who the original designer is, please help inform me via this form, I will be very grateful to you!

So this is how I have organised this page; you will see the cake pictures here. Clicking on them will take you to a detailed description page. Some pages will have more detailed pictures while others only the completed cakes.  Those without detailed pictures are cakes that I decorated when I first started out (did not think of taking that many shots of each design then) or those cakes that I was racing against time to complete. My more recent designs, based on feedback received from my fellow visitors like you, include much more details on step by step decorating.

Here's the deal!

Yes, you read it right. There is a deal here. If after looking at my cake photos, you think you have created a cake design you are so proud of, send them to me! I will not publish them as mine on this page, instead, I will publish them on a dedicated page with a specific URL just for you (and full credit to you as well, including a link to your website if you have one). You can then forward the URL to friends and family for them to comment on your design (yes, each page comes with its own comments section!). Sounds like a deal? Here is where you need to go to submit your cake designs (I am eagerly waiting to see your designs!!)

These are my latest cake designs:

Vanilla Buttercream Cake with Buttercream Flowers

Fondant Guitar Cake

75th Birthday Chocolate Butterscotch Studs Cake

Previous cake designs:

Pin this page for later here:

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