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Your say and cake decorating testimonial! 

This is the best reward I have received for this website (previously known as Creative Cake Decorating) and it is all here on this page. Your cake decorating testimonial and comments are invaluable to me and are a source of inspiration for me to continue to acquire and share new cake decorating skills. I hope to share much more information about cake decorating on this website and would like to sincerely thank you all for your kind words and support. I wish you all a very happy and successful future in cake decorating!! 

Lee-Anne (New Zealand) 
Hello there, I just want to say thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I am a very novice baker and I have recently made your marble cake recipe for 3 occasions - twice as a round cake and once as a "No. 5" cake. Every time it turned out wonderfully and easily lasted a week. Everyone commented on what a nice tasting cake it was. So now it is in my favorite "never-fail" recipe collection and I will definitely continue to use it - thanks! 

Shawnee Brooks (United States) 
I am excited to find a website that offers free cake design info. It is so much more fun to share (than to guard) our cake secrets. Bravo! 

Sherene Venter-Landman (South Africa)
What a fantastic site!!! I am about to venture into unchartered territory and prepare a 3 tier wedding cake for my step-son's wedding on 6/9/08! I'm a good cook and baker but a novice with wedding cake decorating. Your site is fantastic and I have no doubt that with your wonderful recipes, designs and expert advice, my wedding cake shall be the a huge success. Will send you a picture once it's done! THANK YOU!!!XX 

Hi, how are you?. I tried your marble cake. It's so delicious. Will be obliged if you could share some cheese cake recipes. Thank you. 

Letchumi Sekaran 
Hi, I tried your butter cake today, thank you so much for the lovely recipe. It turned out so well. I have tried many other recipes earlier but something will go wrong somewhere. Just one question, i added some chelory but after baking all the chelories sank to the bottom of the cake. Please advise the right method. Appreciate your advice. 

Anis Wan (Malaysia)
This webpage is amazing. it is simple with a lot of information. It would be better if u could show picture step by step on how to make fondant, butter cream, etc... 

Natalie C 
Hi there....Thank you for setting up your wonderful website.... I've been baking for years but ur creativity on icing has just up my ante. I would like to request the cheese cake cupcake recipe as it is not on the webpage.... Thank you so much. 

Anne Katnic 
Hi, love your recipes and icings! But have 1 question, where I live Cream of Tartar can´t be bought, what would I be able to use in place of that? Thanks, hope to hear your answer. 

Geetha Loshani 
Hi, Am going to try cupcakes deco. Your website got veru usefull tips on how to deco. Good Job!! I need information on whr to buy nozzles, piping bags and basically all related things. 

Cake Decorating Testimonial from 
Thanks for a wonderful website. We train the poor and disabled at . This site has proved very helpful to our students. 

Anne F (United Kingdom)
Hi - I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for sharing your recipes. Over the years I have tried several recipes for birthday cakes etc and have always been dissappointed, either with texture or taste. I tried your pound cake recipe and made a 10 INCH square birthday cake for my friend's son's birthday. It was fantastic, both in texture and taste... It was perfect for icing. I had so many compliments from guests at the party. It was so good they thought my friend had purchased it from a baker! I now have two orders to supply cakes for guests at the party. Thank You so much. 

Becky Blunden (United Kingdom)
Hi-ive just been trying to research creative cake design courses and stumbled upon your amazing site! Wow-i would absolutely love to be able to create such masterpieces! 

Lin Yee
With special Appreciation to all the Marvelous Tips & Recipes in Baking!Really love it especially your Dark Moist Chocolate Cake. 

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