Cake Decorating Guide - Tips and Techniques

The title of this page reads as cake decorating guide, but the stuff I have here is definitely useful of cupcakes and cookies too, even cake pops and just about any other decorated treats.

I am very proud to say that this cake decorating guide page is my second most important page on this website (after my cake tutorials page). And that is partly because most of the tips and techniques I showcase here are a direct extension of my cake designs on that page so they kind of relate to one another.

Other than techniques that relate directly to my cake designs, it is here that I share the rest of my more general 'how to' techniques that can be used on cakes, cupcakes and even cookies. My gum paste flowers are all featured here, and while some are directly related to specific cake designs they can generally be used for any cake or cupcake project. 

So let me explain how I have organised this page. The first section is about cake preparation, i.e., some of the basic prep steps that needs to be done to a freshly baked and cooled cake before it is frosted or decorated with icing so that we get a flat, sharp edged cake finishing. 

The next section is on tiered cakes. This is where I explain on how I structure and assemble my tiered cakes and how I transport them so that they get delivered safely.

The rest of the sections are divided into various cake decorating techniques, ranging from making gumpaste flowers and fondant figurines, chocolate decorations, piping techniques as well making piped flowers.

I will be adding more tips to this page as and when I have them and I hope you will find these cake decorating tips and tutorials useful.

Cake Decorating Guide - Cake Preparation

Cake Decorating Guide - Decorating with Fondant

Cake Decorating Guide - Piping Techniques

Cake Decorating Guide - Decorating with Chocolate

Cake Decorating Guide - Gum Paste Flowers

Cake Decorating Guide - Other techniques

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