Cake Decorating Frosting and Icing Recipes

I don’t have a long list of cake decorating frosting and icing recipes in my collection. But the ones that I have, I have made them countless number of times, have received excellent reviews from all those who have tasted them and are therefore, the only recipes I use for all my cakes.

The most basic cake icing or cake decorating frosting as some prefer to call it is the buttercream icing.  Only 3 ingredients are needed for this basic buttercream recipe and they are butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence. Together, these 3 ingredients are able to whip up an absolutely delicious and creamy cake icing. Flavor variations can be easily made to this icing and I have given all possible variations in the recipe page itself.

I also have another similar buttercream-like icing recipe, and I call it butter icing (without the word cream in it). Again, I only use 3 ingredients for this icing and the ingredients are exactly the same as the ones I use in my buttercream icing. The only difference between these 2 heavenly cake frosting is the proportion of butter and icing sugar I use. Buttercream has a lower proportion of sugar as compared to butter icing and hence the texture is much creamier and softer and is best for piping work. Butter icing, on the other hand, has more icing sugar in it and the consistency is must stiffer. I use this to cover cakes and use the buttercream icing for all my piping work.

The other icing recipes I have here are royal icing, glaze icing, chocolate icing and chocolate ganache.

I use royal icing mostly for flower piping and color flow decorations. I live in a humid country and royal icing works much better for me as compared to butter icing when it comes to piped flowers. They dried hard making them easy to store and handle. I even use these royal icing flowers on buttercream cakes and they always work fabulous.

The glaze icing on the other hand is a simple mix and pour icing. I use this as a simple deco on cakes, mostly as a  drizzle on cake tops.

Chocolate icing and chocolate ganache are two of my favorite chocolate based icings. For cake coverings, I prefer to use chocolate icing as it is more stable in a hot and humid climate. Chocolate ganache, on the other hand, is an icing that I don’t quite use that often. Again, it’s only for the very basic reason of living in a hot and humid country. I have tried using ganache as a base for fondant covering and I fail miserably every time so I stick to a thin layer of butter cream crumb coat as a base for fondant coverings. So when I do use ganache, its mostly as fillings for cupcakes and cakes or for piped decorations. Nevertheless, its a delicious recipe, and absolutely loved by chocolate lovers.

Cake Decorating Frosting and Icing Recipes

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