Online Cake Decorating Classes

Online cake decorating classes are a great way to learn cake decorating. You not only get to learn cake decorating at your own home, but you also get to do it at your own time, and most of these classes give you a lifetime access, which means you get to watch and refer to the classes again and again for as many times as you like.

Here are a few online cake decorating resources, some of which I have tried on my own and find to be extremely beneficial, as well as some others which I have not personally tried, but have seen the previews and am of the opinion are very interesting and which I believe are worth giving a try.

Pretty Witty Cakes Online Cake Decorating Classes

Below are more details on each of the above online classes:

Craftsy Online Cake Decorating Classes

Craftsy is my personal favourite. I have enrolled in quite a number of their classes and they have all been very useful.

Craftsy is an online craft learning platform and they have hundreds of online classes for craft enthusiasts, ranging from sewing and quilting, cake decorating and cooking, yarn and fibre arts, art and photography, gardening, jewelry art, paper craft and many others. 

As far as cake decorating is concerned, they have over one hundred classes currently and each class focuses on various specific cake decorating topics.

The best part about Craftsy classes is:

  • Lifetime access: Once you purchase a class, you get to access the class anytime, and watch it over and over as many times as you like.
  • Learn at your own pace and comfort: With Craftsy classes, you get to acquire a cake decorating skill at the comfort of your own home, and your own pace. Classes are broken down into a few lessons each, and you can even bookmark a certain part of the class for future reference. 
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Instructors are all experts in their own fields and are ready to offer personal guidance for any queries you may have as you watch and learn the techniques taught.
  • Helpful learning materials: There is a list of useful supplies and resources list for each class to help you with the techniques being taught.
  • Share your projects: There is also a platform for you to share your cake projects with the Craftsy community and receive comments about your creations.
  • Money back guarantee: If you think the classes are not what you expect them to be, you can request for a refund.

There are free lessons available, you may want to check these out too: Free Craftsy Classes

Click here for the full list of Craftsy free mini classes to choose from.

Online Cake Decorating Class: Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School Ltd

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School is another one of my true and tried online cake decorating classes and have proven to be an excellent source of online cake decorating classes for me.

They offer a wide range of cake decorating lessons for both beginners and advanced decorators alike. There are hundreds of video tutorials in their library and each course in broken into a number of lessons, so you get to organize each course into manageable lessons (especially those that go over more than one hour).

There are basically 4 types of access:

  • Free Access: there are over 100 free video tutorials, ranging from cake baking to cake decorating lessons. All you need to do to gain access to these free videos is enter your email address when prompted and the video lessons are free for you to watch and learn from.
  • Premium membership: This is a paid membership and gives access to hundreds of video tutorials. If you are looking into brushing your cake decorating skills I would strong recommend this membership.
  • Pro Membership: Courses here include all that are offer in Premium Membership as well as additional courses that will help you learn how to start and run a cake decorating business. So if you are thinking of venturing into cake decorating business and need some guide on it, this is the membership to choose.
  • Individual Tutorials Access: If you think you do not need full access to the entire library of tutorials and only want to learn selected projects, then this option will be the best. Pick and choose the ones you like and pay only for those. Once payment is done, you will have a lifetime access to these tutorials.

What else with Paul Bradford tutorials, you ask? Here what else they have to offer:

  • New course every week - they keep adding new tutorials often and this means if you have a paid membership, you will get access to new ideas all the time
  • A fair mix of cake decorating skills - they understand that different people have different levels of cake decorating skills so they make sure they create tutorials that cater for this differing levels of skills
  • Unlimited access to the online courses - you will be able to access these tutorials from anywhere so long as there is internet access, at any time and for as many times as you like
  • Online help - there is a dedicated Q&A section on the website where you can ask for help as well as help others. 

Online Cake Decorating Class: Pretty Witty Cakes

Pretty Witty Cakes provides hundreds of cake decorating and all related online tutorials. Unlike Craftsy, Pretty Witty Cakes runs on a monthly or annual subscription fee. Once you join as a member, you get to access all the tutorials and refer to them for as long as you remain maintain your membership with them. There is a long list of cake decorators who contribute the tutorials, and many wonderful cake decorating techniques. Click here to access the website and register for free.

These are my favorite online classes. I hope you will find these classes as useful as I did! And if you have any other classes to recommend, let me know in the comments section below.

Happy learning cake decorating :)

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