Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

I made this birthday cake with handbag cake toppers quite a few years ago and it was decorated for a customer who wanted to celebrate her colleague's birthday. I still remember how exciting it was when she requested for a cake with handbag toppers - I truly enjoyed making those cute little fondant handbags and I must say, they really made a difference on the cake!

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

I made the handbag toppers entirely in fondant. And for this project, I used my homemade fondant. This fondant, unlike the store bought ones, dries really firm and hard without having to add any CMC powder to it, so it was easy to use for making 3D decorations on cakes. I don't quite make my own fondant nowadays because its quite a process and I find it more time saving to just use store bought ones. But if you are into making your own fondant, you can check out my homemade fondant recipe here

Back to the cake. This was a single tier cake measuring about 8 inches in diameter. I covered the entire cake in brown fondant and used Louis Vuitton monogram and pattern all over the cake. Since I did not have any special LV design cutters, all teh patterns on the cake were cut using my round, 5 petal flower and daisy flower cutters. And I used gold paint to add gold color to them. 

The most challenging part of the cake decorating process was cutting the LV monogram in 3D form that I placed on the bottom border of the cake. I did not have any LV monogram cutter, so I had to make my own by drawing it out on a cardboard. I then cut the initials following its outline and used the cardboard as a template. For this purpose, I used gum paste. I have to admit, it was really a challenge to cut the monogram out, simple because the gumpaste was soft and the initials were very thin. I should have let the gum paste set a little before cutting the initials out, but at that time of doing it, it did not cross my mind. I somehow managed to cut it out (with much stress) and was quite relieved to be able to use it on the cake. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed decorating this cake and as I am typing this, I am actually thinking that it will probably be interesting to try make even cuter handbag toppers for cupcakes - but I will leave that for another day for now. 

Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers - Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this birthday cake with handbag cake topper:

  • Cake - this was a single tier, 8 inch round cake baked using my chocolate cake recipe.

  • Buttercream - this was used to fill the cake layers and crumb coat the cake before covering it in fondant.
  • Fondant - I used my own homemade fondant recipe for this project and you can get the recipe here.
  • Louis Vuitton monogram template - I made this on my own, using a cardboard. I downloaded the monogram from the Internet and cut it out in a hard cardboard. I cut out the cardboard and used it as a guide to create the LV monograms on the cake.

And this was how I put this birthday cake with handbag cake toppers together:

I started by making the handbag toppers in advance. That way, I had more time to focus on decorating the cake closer to the delivery date. 

I did not snap step by step photos of making these edible handbag toppers but below are the pointers for each handbag topper:

The Black Handbag Topper

This was formed by hand in 2 sections. The top section is the frilly part of the handbag and is only about half the height of the bottom section which is the rest of the bag. To make the bottom section, I took a small lump of black fondant and shaped it to resemble the image below with the help of my fondant shaping tools. For the frilly top section, I rolled some black fondant thin, cut out a small strip and formed a frilled circle, with the diameter matching that of the top of the bottom section of the handbag. And then I attached both sections together with fondant glue. To hide the joints between the 2 sections, I hand-rolled a thin strip of fondant and attached it all around the handbag where there 2 sections were glued together. And then I attached another 2 similar sized strips vertically at the front of the bag and wrapped a small piece of square black fondant around the top of the 2 strips. Not only did the strip hide the joints, it really resembled a hand bag string.  

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

The Gold Handbag Topper

I made this in a half-circle shape using white fondant. And then I attached a fondant zipper which was basically a long thin strip of white fondant that has been marked as a zipper. I attached the zipper to the bag and made 2 handles for the bag. Next, I added a small tassel to one of the handles. To make the tassel, I rolled a short medium sized sausage out of white fondant and used my sugar craft knife to randomly slit one end of the sausage. And then I wrapped the un-slit side of the sausage with a small piece of white fondant and added a loop to it. Before securing both ends of the loop to the tassel, I placed it on one of the handbag handles. And then I painted the entire bag is gold. You cannot see the tassel in the image below, as it was on the other side of the bag. But you would be able to see a blurry image of it in the image of the red handbag further below on this page. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

The White Handbag Topper

I made this handbag in white and silver colors. The entire bag was in white with the silver added to the 'hardware' on the bag such as the zipper and the handle loops. TO make this handbag, I started with the body of hte handbag. I shaped this by hand with the help of my fondant shaping tools. And then I added the zipper which was a long thin strip of white fondant that has been marked to look like a zipper and painted it silver. 

Next, I added a small rectangle fondant tag at the end of the zipper before making and attaching the handles. To attach the handles, I cut out the loops first using my round piping tips. I attached all 4 loops and painted them silver. And then I rolled some fondant for the handles and attached the ends of the handles to the top section of the loops. For the bottom section. I rolled a long thin strip of fondant, cut it out into short pieces and flattened them slightly. And then I placed them over the bottom of the loops. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

The Red Handbag Topper

This handbag was formed almost similar to the white handbag topper. The only difference is that there are no contrast colored hardware on the bag. I started with a rectangle cube of fondant and then used my fondant shaping tools to form a long dent for the zipper on the bag. And then I added a red zipper. Next, I rolled some red fondant, cut out tiny rectangle pieces (2 pieces to be exact) and added them to the sides of the bag to form tiny pockets. After that, I cut 2 strips of fondant and added to the front of the bag, in an almost zig zag pattern. And then I added a tiny square pocket in between the 2 strips. And finally, I added the handles, 2 on the top and one long one on the side. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

With that, all my handbag toppers were ready. I left them aside in a cool, dry place to allow them to set. 

Next was the cake itself. Once baked and completely cooled down, I crumb coated it with buttercream and covered the cake with brown fondant. And then I added the wide brown ribbon border to the cake.

Next, I added the LV design on the sides. I started with the bulging ones first. I did not have any custom cutters for this designs so I used my daisy cutter, 5 petals flower cutter and my round cutter set to cut the patterns out, one by one. For the flowers, I had to carefully cut off additional petals and rearrange them to make the 4 petal flowers. 

Once the cutting process was done, I painted some sections in gold as can be seen on the cake image. I attached these to the cake with fondant glue.

Next was the LV monogram. I cut out an LV monogram template (which I downloaded from the internet) using hard cardboard and used it imprint the LV monogram on the circle fondant cut outs. And then I painted the imprinted monogram patterns in gold. 

I also made one LV monogram in 3D. To do this, I used gum paste that has been rolled thin and using my monogram template, cut the monogram out. I let it set completely in a horizontal position until it has firmed up. And then I attached it the the front of the cake with glue.

The final step was adding the birthday message. These letters were cut out in white gumpaste using FCC Block Letter cutter. To finish off the deco, I attached all the 4 handbag toppers above onto the cake. I used toothpicks to hold the bags in place.

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

And with that, my birthday cake with handbag cake toppers was complete.

Hope you find this useful :)

Happy Decorating :)

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

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Chocolate Birthday Cake with Handbag Cake Toppers

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