Best Eggless Butter Cookies - Roll & Cut Cookies

These are the best egg less butter cookies I have tasted - light & crispy with rich buttery taste, these cookies are a definite must try.

Best Eggless Butter Cookies

This is my best eggless butter cookie recipe. I had this awesome recipe in a very old recipe book. It is one of my favorite cookie recipe, not so much because its eggless, but because of its light and soft, crisp buttery texture. I particularly love the light texture of the cookies.  They are quite different from my other butter cookies recipe here (see image on the right) which are bit more solid.

All in all, whether or not you are into eggless cookies, these butter cookies are a must try.

In terms of the ingredients, this recipe uses pretty much the same standard ingredients used in most cookies recipe which are butter, sugar and flour. And while most recipes use egg, this one doesn’t, so that is one main difference. The other difference is that this recipe uses cornstarch (also known as corn flour) as part of its ingredients.

Cornstarch, in comparison to wheat flour is very light in texture. And when added to cookies, it carries the lightness in texture to the finished cookies. Cornstarch also adds crispiness to cookies, and that is basically the secret to the light and crisp texture of this egg less butter cookies.

In terms of proportion of cornstarch to wheat flour in the recipe, the cornstarch added is only 30 grams as compared to flour which is 250 grams.  That is relatively a very small amount but it surely does make a difference to the cookies.

Butter also plays an important role in the taste and texture of these cookies. Always make sure to use good quality butter for the cookies as it will really have an impact on the taste. After all, these are called butter cookies for a reason . I prefer to use salted butter and add in a little bit of extra salt in mixing the cookie dough. Using unsalted butter is fine too, just make sure to increase the amount of salt added into the cookies batter. 

Also, if you notice in the recipe details further down this page, I have used icing sugar instead of the normal granulated sugar or castor sugar. Icing sugar tend to clump so it is always a good idea to sift it first before adding to the butter for creaming. This is to avoid lumps of sugar in the cookies.              

The cookie dough is quite soft immediately after mixing (but not soft enough for piping). Resting the dough for about 30 minutes helps in making the dough easier to handle. Even then, the dough is still soft so the easiest way to shape these cookies is to form them into round balls and flatten with the back of a drinking cup. Having said that, you can also make cut out cookies with this recipe. And that was what I chose to do here.

Since the dough is kind of soft, I rolled it between 2 sheets of plastic. And I used a simple round scalloped cutter to cut them out. Using cutters with too many tiny nooks and corners is probably not a good idea with these cookies. Also, to make sure the thickness of the dough was consistent for all cookies, I placed 2 dowel rods on either side of the dough and used them as a guide in rolling my cookie dough.

To transfer the cut-out cookies into my baking tray, I lift the plastic sheet underneath the rolled dough and gently push the cut-out cookies from underneath the plastic sheet to separate them out. And then, I lift the cookies and arrange them on a baking tray.

You can decorate the cookies with anything you like. I chose to decorate mine with just a light topping of brown sugar. I applied the sugar onto the top of each cookie before putting them into the oven for baking. That allowed the sugar to stick to the cookies and gave them the extra crunch. You can even use these cookies to make vegetarian version of decorated cookies. Instead of royal icing, you can use fondant to decorate them and the that makes the cookies totally egg less (just make sure the fondant you use is egg less too).

After baking, always keep the cookies in an airtight container to retain their crispiness. The cookies last well for a good 2 weeks.

Below is the printable recipe of my eggless butter cookies:

Best Eggless Butter Cookies

By , Aug 02, 2019

Best Eggless Butter Cookies

These are the best egg less butter cookies I have tasted - light & crispy with rich buttery taste, these cookies are a definite must try.


Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook time: 12 Minutes
Yield: -
Keyword: Best Eggless Butter Cookies
Category: Dessert


  • 250 g plain flour
  • 30 g cornstarch (cornflour)
  • 210 g butter
  • 100g icing sugar
  • ⅛ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp vanilla essence


  • Brown sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius and line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  2. Sift plain flour and corn-starch into a large bowl.
  3. In a separate bowl, cream butter, sugar and salt until light and creamy. Add in vanilla essence and beat until well incorporated.
  4. Add in flour, a little at a time and mix until all the flour has been well incorporated. Rest the flour for about 30 minutes before shaping the cookies.
  5. To shape the cookies, take about ⅓ of the dough. Knead a little and then roll between 2 plastic sheets to desired thickness (mine is about 0.4cm thick). Cut the cookies using a simple cookie cutter.
  6. Arrange the cut-out cookies into a baking tray.
  7. Drop about ⅛ tsp of brown sugar on each cookie and gently spread it all over the top of the cookie with a finger.
  8. Bake cookies in the preheated oven for approximately 10 to 12 minutes until the cookies have turned golden brown on the sides.
  9. Remove tray from oven and transfer cookies onto a cookie rack. Store cooled down cookies in an air tight container.

Best Eggless Butter Cookies

Happy Baking :)

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Eggless Butter Cookies - These are the best egg less butter cookies I have tasted - light & crispy with rich buttery taste, these cookies are a definite must try.Best Eggless Butter Cookies

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