Bears on a Ball Cake

I made this bears on a ball cake for my niece’s birthday. This was quite a few years ago and so cannot quite recall what year it was nor which birthday of hers it was but it was either her 3rd or 4th birthday.

But when I asked her what cake she would like for her birthday, this was exactly what she wanted:

"Teddy bears on a football".

This is what happens when you ask a child of her age for the type of cake she wants. She really stretched her imagination and in doing that, definitely stretched my decorating skills for I have never made a round ball cake before or did I have any special molds for it.

The trickiest part of the cake was the ball. After putting some thoughts into it, I set on making the cake.

Here is how I made the bears on a ball cake:

These were the main supplies used for the cake:

  • 2 cakes baked in bowl moulds (or a cake baked in a novelty ball cake mould)
  • A cake board ( must be of the same diameter as the cakes)
  • Fondant in 2 shades of brown and black (for the teddy bears)

And here is how I decorated this cake:

  • Firstly, I placed the first half ball on a plate. I then inserted 4 dowel rods almost to the centre of the cake (the dowel rods should be of same height, which is the height of the cake).
  • Next I covered a thin layer of icing on the cake and placed a foil wrapped cake board on the cake. I then covered another thin layer of icing, this time on the cake board. The purpose is to make sure the cakes stick to the board and do not fall off.
  • Once that is done, I took the second half of the ball and placed it on the cake board.
  • Next, I covered the whole cake with white butter icing and smoothed it well. I then decorated it with black hexagons, also in butter icing.
  • Once the cake is done, I placed 4 fondant teddy bears on top of the cake and secured them in place with toothpicks inserted at the bottom of each teddy bear to the top of the cake.
  • The fondant teddy bears are fairly simple to make. Shape each part of the teddy bear separately and attach them together with a damp brush. I used black fondant for the eyes and nose of the bear.

And this was how I made this bears on a ball cake for my niece!

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