Fondant Baby Stroller Topper

Here is an easy baby stroller topper I made for a baby shower cake. The cake itself was designed for a girl, with simple polka dots and theme colors of yellow, green and brown so I made the stroller in colors that matched the theme colors.

I made the topper using fondant and did not use any special cutters other than my round cutters and icing tips. Since I wanted the topper to be upright standing on the cake as would a 3D topper (wouldn't quite consider this stroller to be 3D since it was flat despite standing upright), it took me 3 days to get the stroller ready to be put on the cake. And the 3 days were mainly to allow the various parts of the stroller to dry and harden properly so that they could be assembled and the completed stroller could go on the cake all set and firm. 

Here is how I made the fondant baby stroller topper:

These are the supplies used to create the baby stroller topper:

  • Fondant in white, pale yellow ( I mixed 1 part of Satin Ice Yellow fondant with 3 parts of white fondant), bright yellow (this was Satin Ice Yellow fondant), pale green ( I used Americolor Avocado green gel paste), dark green (this was a mix of Wilton Juniper green and a tiny hit of Satin Ice chocolate fondant)and dark brown (Satin Ice chocolate fondant).
  • Round cutters 
  • Wilton round tip #5

And here is how I assembled the stroller:

  • I started the project by preparing the fondant. I mixed the required colors and then added CMC to each color portion so that the fondant sets hard and firm.

  • Once the colors were ready, I started with the bright yellow fondant, rolled it to a thickness of about 5mm (this will form the body of the stroller and I made it thick so that it is able to stand stable on the cake). I cut out a circle using my round cutter.

  • I then cut the circle into half. To make sure I had a perfect half circle, I traced a circle (using the same round cutter) on a piece of paper, cut it out and then folded the paper template into half. I placed the half circle paper template onto the yellow fondant and cut out the half circle.

  • Next was the hood. I used the pale yellow fondant for this. Again, I rolled it to about 5mm thickness, and cut out using my round cutter. I then used my paper template ( I folded the half circle earlier into a quarter and used it to cut out the hood) and cut out a quarter of a circle.
  • I then marked three lines on the hood(on both sides of the fondant) followed by small scalloped cuts around the rounded edge of the hood using the larger end of a piping tip.

  • I attached both the yellow fondant cut outs as shown below using some fondant glue.

  • Next were the lines on the hood. I rolled white fondant into long thin strip and cut it into 4. Using fondant glue, I attached the the strips onto the hood as shown. I then turned the stroller over and repeated the same steps. 

  • I then rolled another strip of white fondant but this time thicker than the earlier ones. I used the same thickness as the body of the stroller. I then attached the strip all around the hood and cut of the excess at the end of the hood as shown.

  • Next was the lace frill for the hood. Here is how I made the frills:

I cut a thin strip of white fondant. Using the end of my Wilton brush, I printed 'dents' on one side of the strip.

Once completed, the strip automatically formed into a curved shape.

I repeated the same step as above, but this time, I placed the end of the brush only halfway on the dents printed earlier. With slight pressure, I pressed the end of the brush to leave a second layer of dents. 

This is how the completed lace frills looked like. I then cut off the excess fondant on the other side of the strip. I made a total of 2 strips, one for each side of the stroller.

  • I then attached the frills on both sides, trimming off the excess accordingly.

  • Next, I rolled a long strip of pale green fondant to circle the stroller body and attached it to the stroller using fondant glue. 

  • I used the excess of the same strip to make the stroller handle and again, attached it to the stroller with fondant glue. Here is how I made it:

  • Once the handle was in place, I went on to decorate the stroller with tiny polka dots and flowers. 
  • The polka dots were a mix of white and pale green dots. I rolled the fondant thinly and using Wilton tip #5, I cut out tiny circles. I then lightly pressed each circle to flatten them and then attached them to the stroller body with fondant glue, alternating the green and white dots.
  • I completed the dots on both sides of the stroller before moving on to the flowers.

  • As for the flowers, I used flower plunger cutters in 2 different sizes - used the larger one for the brown flower and the smaller one for the pale yellow flowers. I combined both into one flower and attached it to the stroller with some fondant glue. 
  • After attaching one flower on one side, I let the stroller rest for one whole day. I wanted to make sure the stroller is firm and set.

  • And while waiting, I prepared the stroller wheels. I used dark brown fondant for this and made sure the fondant was rolled thick as they need to be solid enough to hold the stroller body.
  • I attached a long wooden pick into each wheel as shown. In total, I made 4 wheels, 2 for each side of the stroller.

  • I left the wheels to rest for one whole day, to make sure they are really really firm and hard as they will be supporting weight of the stroller once assembled.
  • The following day, I turned the stroller over and attached the other flower. I let the stroller rest for a few hours until the flower was completely dry. 
  • Then, I attached the wheels. I started with the first set, and attached them to the stroller with fondant glue. As can be seen in the image below, I used kitchen paper towels to support the wheels while waiting for the fondant glue to firm up (for a couple of hours).

  • Then, I turned the baby stroller topper over carefully, and attached the remaining two wheels. I made sure I positioned them exactly opposite of the previous two wheels.

  • And that was it. The baby stroller topper was ready. I let the stroller rest in a flat lying position for another day, to give the wheels enough time to completely stick to the stroller and also for the entire topper to be firm and set. 

  • To attach the baby stroller topper to the cake, I simply held the body and gently poked it into the cake. I purposely kept the wooden sticks long as that would give more stability for the stroller to remain in place.
  • Only after attaching it to the cake that I add the cut out flowers on the stroller wheels.
Fondant Stroller Topper for Cakes

Hope you enjoyed this baby stroller topper tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 

Click here to see how I decorated the rest of the baby shower cake below:

Happy Decorating :) :) 

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