Baby Shower Cupcakes

Here is an easy idea for baby shower cupcakes - baby footprints.

I felt it would be really cute to have baby footprints as theme a baby shower cupcakes. Its more like announcing that there is a baby on the way, but keeping all the other details about the baby's hair and eye color, etc a secret, only to be known on the day the baby is born!

I have made these cupcakes on two occasions and both were off course for baby showers. One was for a boy and the other for a girl (that is obvious I guess based on the colors I used, so I am just telling you :))

Here is how I made these baby shower cupcakes:

I used my butter pound cake recipe and chocolate cupcakes recipe for these cupcakes.

I baked all the cupcakes in gold foiled cupcake liners. I wanted slightly domed cupcakes so I filled the liners with cake batter to about 2/3 full. They turned out beautifully domed, not too high and not too flat, just at the height I was expecting. 

The first occasion I made these cupcakes, it was for a dear friend who was expecting a baby girl. She wanted the cupcakes in 2 flavors - vanilla and chocolate. With 2 different flavors, once covered in icing, I knew it would be impossible to identity which ones are vanilla and which ones are chocolate unless someone takes a bite into the cupcakes. So I decided to differentiate them by using the white and pink fondant for the background and the baby feet (the theme color was pink and white).

The vanilla cupcakes had white fondant background with pink baby feet while the chocolate flavoured ones had pink fondant background and white baby feet.

The blue ones, on the other hand, were all in one flavour, so i did not alternate the fondant colors.

The cupcakes were first covered with a thin layer of buttercream before I covered them with fondant. I used a round scalloped cutter to cut out the circles. 

For the baby feet, I drew a foot outline (without the toes) on a cardboard and cut it out. I used it to guide me in individually cutting out baby feet on a piece of thinly rolled fondant using my sugar craft knife. In deciding on the size of the feet, I made sure they were small enough for two of them (plus 10 toes) to fit onto one cupcake. 

Once I had enough pairs of feet (with a couple of extras for contingency), I placed one pair on each fondant covered cupcake. I arranged them such that one foot is placed slightly ahead of the other. The feet were attached to the cupcakes with just a light hint of water (damp brush).

And finally, I used royal icing to pipe the toes. Using a small round nozzle (I used Wilton round tip #2) I piped 5 toes on each foot, with the first toe on each foot slightly larger than the rest.

Here are larger images of the cupcakes. These are just quick photos I managed of the cupcakes before I brought them to the parties. I wish I had taken more photos but was too busy chit chatting, by the time I remembered, the cupcakes were also gone.

I hope you enjoyed this idea. Happy decorating!

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