How to Attach Fresh and Wired Flowers onto Cakes

In this post on how to attach fresh and wired flowers onto cakes,  I am going to share with you, all the different ways in which you can attach flowers onto cakes safely and securely, be it fresh flowers or wired gum paste flowers – for 2 different reasons. Firstly, for food safety reasons, i.e. making sure the flower stalks and wires from the gum paste flowers do not come into direct contact with your cake. Secondly, to attach the flowers onto cakes in the best possible way so that they remain in place securely on the cake.

How to Attach Fresh and Wired Flowers onto Cakes

Flowers make really beautiful cake decorations. And for years, cake decorators all over the world have been using flowers to decorate their cakes. Cake decorating flowers range from the more traditional piped flowers (buttercream and royal icing flowers) to simple fresh flowers and stunning hand made sugar flowers. Of all these different types of flowers, in terms of food safety, piped flowers are the safest in the sense that they are totally edible and they can be attached to cakes without any additional support. Similarly, for gum paste or fondant flowers that are not wired. These can be attached to cakes readily with shortening or fondant glue and there is nothing that is toxic or inedible about them that requires additional preparatory work.

Which then leaves the fresh flowers and the wired flowers out. These flowers required additional prep work simple because they are either totally not edible or certain components of them are not edible and should not be in contact with the cake. Some fresh flowers are edible, but some are not especially the stalks and therefore should not be put in direct contact with cakes. As for wired flowers, the floral tape that is often used to wrap the floral wires is not food safe and should not come into direct contact with cakes. 

The first section below looks at the options available for preparing fresh flowers and the following section looks at gum paste flowers. 

How to Attach Fresh and Wired Flowers onto Cakes

 Attaching Fresh Flowers Onto Cakes

Method 1: Poke a wire into the flower stalks and wrap the stalks in cling wrap or foil.

This is particularly useful for flowers with easily bendable stalks like the daisies. For these flowers, I would cut a piece of floral wire (typically 20 or 24 gauge) that matches the length of my flower stalk and carefully insert it into the flower stalk. And then I would either wrap the entire stalk with cling wrap or foil all the way up to the calyx of the flower. Once wrapped, the flower is safe to be poked into your cake.  You will notice that wiring helps when poking the flowers into cakes and you can actually leave your stalks slightly longer to be poked into the cake without it breaking or bending away. Longer stalks help in make sure the flowers are more securely attached to the cake especially during transportation.

For flowers with more sturdy stalks like the roses, wiring is not required because the stalk will not bend away when being poked into cakes. So, all you need to do is to wrap the stalks up well before poking them into your cake.

How to Attach Fresh and Wired Flowers onto Cakes

Method 2: Use flower spikes

Flower spikes are plastic casing made specifically for hold flowers on cakes. These are cylinder shaped with the width of bubble straws and an overall length of about 3 to 4 inches. One end of the cylinder has a closed pointed end (this is the end that will be poked into the cake) and the other end has an opening to insert flowers. The outer surface of the spikes is typically studded to help in making sure the spikes stay in place when used in cakes. When using these flower spikes, you need not wrap your flower stalks as there will not be any direct contact of the stalks to the cake. The only problem is that you would need to group your flowers together to be inserted into one spike as it can be a bit too wide for a single stalk of flower. Or if you are poking only one flower, you would need to pad the insides of the spike with tissue (or other suitable material) so that your flower is tightly secured in the spike.
Actual flower spikes for cake decorating. These are from Wilton.
This diagram shows how the flower spikes are used in holding flowers on cakes. The spikes can be used for both fresh and wired gum paste flowers.

Method 3: Use a bubble tea straws or regular drinking straw

This is a cheaper option to using flower spikes above. Instead of inserting your flower stalks into the spikes, you insert them into bubble tea straws (if you want to group the flowers together) or into regular sized drinking straws if you want to insert your flowers individually into the cake. I would recommend for the stalks to be wrapped in cling wrap or foil if you are using this method as the stalk do still come into contact with your cake (from the bottom opening of the straws).

Attaching Wired Sugar Flowers onto Cakes

Managing wired sugar flowers or gum paste flowers is pretty similar to managing fresh flowers. Only difference is that since wires are a lot more thinner than fresh flower stacks, using regular straws and the flower spikes means they would need a lot more padding to keep them secured in place.

Method 1: Use lollipop sticks

I often use plastic lollipop sticks when inserting wired flowers into cakes. Lollipop sticks are great in the sense that they are able to hold thin wires and I find them most convenient for wired flowers. And since the sticks are thin, attaching one flower into one stick does not overcrowd the cake with straws.  While the lollipop sticks work great for thicker wires, they are still a bit too wide for very thin wires (gauges 28 and above). For these wires (which I typically use for filler flowers), I would normally use the floral tape to fatten the stalks or group a few of the flowers together into one lollipop stick. 

If you find the floral wires too thin for the lollipop sticks, there is another trick you can use to make them stay in the sticks without extra padding from floral tape. Bend your floral wire at different points along the wire and then straighten it back with your hands. This will result in the wire being straight but with tiny little bends here and there. Insert that wire into a lollipop stick and you will realize that the tiny bends actually help to hold the floral wire tightly in the lollipop stick holes. This might not work for very thin wires, so you will need to mix and match the methods above accordingly.

This floral wire was too thin for the lollipop stick, so I bent it at a few intervals and then straightened it again, resulting in a slightly crooked wire.
The crooked wire, once inserted into the lollipop stick, remains better in place compared to a totally straight wire.

Poking the flower with the wire in a lollipop sticks helps ensure no direct contact of the wire with cake.

Method 2: Wrap with cling wrap or foil

This method is similar to the one I suggested for fresh flowers in the earlier section. If you don’t want to use the straws or the lollipop sticks, you can wrap the wires of your gum paste flowers with cling wrap or foil before poking them into the cake and you can do this for each individual flower or group a few together as one.

Wrapping floral wire or flower stems in cling film before being inserted into cake is another way to attach fresh and wired flowers onto cakes.
How to Attach Fresh and Wired Flowers onto Cakes

And these are pretty much the techniques I know on how to attach fresh and wired flowers onto cakes.

Hope this sharing was useful. If you have any other methods you know or use, please share them in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading:)

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How to Attach Fresh and Wired Flowers onto Cakes

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