How to Make Easy Arrows for Cake Decorating

Looking for ideas on how to make easy arrows for cake decorating?

Check out this idea of mine which I used to decorate a mini Heart cake for Valentine’s Day.

I wanted to make a small portion dessert for Valentine’s Day and since I had a set of mini heart shaped cake pans that I have not used since I bought them a few years ago, I decided that I would be  good idea to use them to make mini cakes that are just nice for a single serving or two.

Easy Arrows for Cake Decorating

And I did not want any fancy decoration on the cakes, just simple buttercream piping and to add some significance of Valentine’s Day to the cakes, decided to add cupid arrows to the cakes.

The arrows are to be 3D and are to be positioned to look like they were literally running across the hearts – a typical love symbol.

So I made two of the mini heart cakes, and was contemplating on whether I should make the arrow with gum paste or with glitter craft paper.  In the end, I made both, one for each of the cakes.

This tutorial is on the arrow that was made using glitter craft paper. I have written a separate tutorial for the gum paste arrow and you can read all about it here.

Cupid Arrow & Heart Mini Cakes

Easy Arrows for Cake Decorating - Step by Step Guide

These were the main supplies I used to make the arrow:

  • Arrow template – I drew this by hand on a piece of white paper and cut it out along its outline.
  • Glitter craft paper
  • Cellophane tape
  • Scissors
  • Lollipop sticks – these were attached to the arrow and poked into the cake to hold the arrows in place.

And this was how I made the arrow:

Similar to the gum paste arrow, I started the process of making this arrow by getting my template ready.  I searched online for arrow images, saw one that I liked and drew it on a piece of paper. In drawing the arrow, I estimated the size of the arrow to fit my cake. I started by drawing a full arrow.

I cut the paper following the outline of the arrow and this became my arrow template, both for the paper arrow and my gum paste arrow. I then cut the template into 2 as the arrow was to be placed in two parts on my cake.

I used the paper cut outs as the template to trace its outlines on my gold craft paper.

I turned the paper over, and traced the outlines on the paper. I drew the outlines for 2 arrows and while I was only going to use one for my cake, the other one was for contingency.

After that, I cut out the arrows on the craft paper.

Next, I attached one lollipop stick onto each cut out. I turned the arrow over, placed the lollipop stick on and used cellophane tape to hold the stick in place.

Since my tape was wider than the arrow stick, I used a pen knife to trim off the excess tape.

And finally, I turned the arrow parts over and they were ready to be used.

Here’s how the arrow looked on my cake. I adjusted the length of the arrow by cutting it off slightly after realizing it was too long for the size of my mini cakes. The arrow in the image below is after the adjustment and so is definitely shorter than the ones I displayed above. 

Easy Arrows for Cake Decorating

And this is how the other arrow I made using gum paste looked like. Click here or the image below to go to the gum paste arrow tutorial. I also have a separate tutorial on how to decorate the heart cake below. Click here to go to the full tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

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Easy Arrows for Cake Decorating - A Step by Step Tutorial

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