Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

I made this Angry Birds Star Wars cake in 2015 for a joint birthday celebration of 3 sibling boys. The mother wanted to celebrate all their birthdays together and requested that I make a cake with all the boys' names on it.

And off course, the theme for the cake had to be one that was favored by all three of them, and Star Wars Angry Birds was their choice. 

The cake, though looks like a lot was going on on it, was not complicated or difficult to make. It was a 2 tier cake and the Death Star on the top tier was made using a Styrofoam dummy. Using a dummy made it a lot easier for me as supporting a round shaped cake requires more work. And the 2 Angry Birds characters, i.e.  Lard Vader and Red Skywalker were made out of fondant.

Here is how I made the Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

These were the main supplies I used for the cake:

  • Cake – this was a 2 tier cake with the top tier measuring 6 inches in diameter and the bottom tier measuring 9 inches in diameter. Each tier was approximately 4 inches high. The top tier was a butter pound cake while the bottom tier was a chocolate cake. Both recipes are available here.
  • Sphere styrofoam dummy – this was for the Death Star character on the cake. I purchased the foam from a local craft shop. 
  • Buttercream – Each cake tier made up of two layers of cake sandwiched with buttercream. I also used buttercream to crumb coat the whole cake before covering it with fondant (click here for my buttercream recipe).
  • Fondant – The cake was completely decorated with fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant to cover the cakes as well as to make the Angry Birds figurines (I added CMC powder when making the figurines so that they hold the shape and set hard).
  • Food coloring – I used both Wilton and Americolor colours for the cake. 
  • Edible image print of Angry Birds Star Wars logo – I ordered this from a local supplier who accepts custom  edible image printing. 
  • Brown satin ribbon – I used this ribbon for the cake board.
  • Alphabet cutters – these were used for the birthday boys’ names on the cake.
  • Fondant glue - I used fondant glue to attach the 3D names on the cake so that they remain secured in an upright position and not fall off the cake.

And this was how I assembled the Angry Birds Star Wars cake:

  • I made the fondant Lard Vader and Red Skywalker figurines a few days in advance. 

  • I also prepared Death Star (made of styrofoam dummy) and the birthday boys' names ahead of time. For Death Star, I covered it first with light grey fondant, followed by dark grey cut outs. The ears were made of fondant and attached to the rest of the sphere with fondant glue. 

  • Closer to the delivery day, I baked the cakes, crumb coated each tier with buttercream and covered them in dark blue fondant (I used Americolor Navy Blue and a hint of black to get the dark shade of blue). I then stacked the cakes using bubble tea straws for support.
  • Next, I attached the Angry Birds Star Wars logo in edible image on the cake. To attach, I simply brushed some warm water on the image and smoothed it on the side of the fondant covered bottom tier. 

  • Once the logo was up, I did the metal wall/plates. These were cut out of grey fondant (white fondant tinted lightly in black). I attached each piece to the cake with shortening and used the pointed end of my skewer to poke random holes at the corners of each rectangle fondant piece. 
  • I then covered the cake board with brown fondant and attached a matching brown satin ribbon around it. 
  • After that, using a narrow tipped brush dipped in white food color, I created the white speckles on the cake. These were random dots and although all were very tiny dots, they do vary slightly in sizes. These, against the dark blue fondant background created an outer space look and feel on the cake. 
  • The next deco that went on the cake was the boys' names. I made sure they well all uniformly centered and glued them to the cake with fondant glue. 
  • And finally, I attached Lard Vader and Red Skywalker figurines, also using fondant glue as I wanted them to be securely attached to the cake. 

And that was how I made the Angry Birds Star Wars cake.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful.

Thank you for reading and happy decorating :)

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

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