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Thank you for stopping by. Here is a little about me.

I am Priya, the owner of this website, Decorated Treats. I live in Malaysia with my beautiful family. I am an accountant by qualification and a mother to 3 lovely boys.

I work full time in the financial services industry and love decorating cakes whenever I get an opportunity to do so. This blog is an avenue for me to channel my creative juices. 

About Me - My Cake Decorating Journey

I have attended a few basic cake decorating courses over the years, but picked up most of my decorating skills through self learning, from various books, magazines and trials and errors.

Being a self-taught cake decorator, internet has always been an important source of information for me, a place where I could search and learn new cake decorating techniques and ideas.  Having gained so much from the internet, I set up a blog in 2007 and named it Creative Cake Decorating. I recently revamped by blog and changed its name to Decorated Treats (which is why you will find some of the images in this website are watermarked as Creative Cake Decorating).I love sharing my cake decorating knowledge as I acquire it with other cake decorators and with those who love cake decorating. 

Be it a new technique, a new tool or a new idea, I still continue to learn something new every day and will continue to share my knowledge here. This website is purely a product of passion and I really hope you are able to find something of use in this website. 

This website if self funded. Everything I share here is free of charge for all to use. In order for me to continuously run this website and share new tips and ideas, I hope you will use the affiliate links I provided throughout this website to purchase your cake decorating supplies. I get a small percentage of proceeds from every purchase you make from these links and it’s a great way to keep this website going.

And while you are here, if you have a great idea you would like to share, tell me about it here. Or if you have any ideas or feedback, I would love to hear from you too :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading about me and visiting my website and most importantly, for your support. Wishing you every  sweet success in cake decorating :)

For the love of cakes and all things sweet and decorated,


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