Vikings Cupcake Decorating Idea

Here is a Vikings cupcake decorating idea for anyone who is looking into making Vikings themed cupcakes. I made these cupcakes for local young boys football club where the competing teams were named after warrior clans – The Vikings, Apaches, Spartans, Gladiators, Samurais and Aztecs.

These were part of the food table spread during the last 2 days match carnival where the competition was not only on the team that wins the game but also the team that has the best tent decoration.

Vikings Cupcake Decorating Idea

This set of cupcakes were for the Vikings team and the theme color for this team was purple, black and white.

I must say I had so much fun decorating these cupcakes, and that was simply because I was given total freedom to design and decorate them. In finalizing the designs, I choose toppers that represented both the Vikings theme as well as football theme. And so I had a total of 4 different designs – Vikings helmet, Vikings long sword, Vikings axe and the last one, football.

Lets see how I put this Vikings cupcake decorating idea together below:

Vikings Cupcake Decorating Idea - How to Decorate

Vikings Helmet Cupcakes

  • I enjoyed making these Viking helmet toppers the most. They were a bit tricky to make in the beginning, I had to figure out how to form the half sphere shape and finally used a semi-circle chocolate mold to form them. I used white and lavender Satin Ice fondant for these and added CMC to the fondant to make sure the helmets set firm and hard. For the horns, I formed them by hand and left them to set and harden before attaching them to the helmets. I used fondant glue to hold them in place. And before attaching them to the helmet, I used the back of my brush to form 2 dents where I wanted to attach the horns. This helped in making sure the horns stayed in place while the glue was drying.
  • And I spray painted the helmets in silver spray before adding on the purple strips. For the purple stripes, I just rolled thin strips of lavender fondant and attached it around the base of the helmets. And then I added another strip in the middle of the helmets. I used fondant glue for this. For the tiny dots on the purple fondant, I used a toothpick to poke the holes.

Vikings Axe Cupcakes

  • These were pretty straight forward to make. I used grey fondant (a mix of white and black fondant) for the blade and brown fondant for the handles. In mixing the grey fondant, I gave it a marbled effect. To get this marbled effect, when kneading both colors, you have to stop at a point where the fondant starts showing a marbled color. If you knead it for too long, the colors will blend in completely and you will lose the marbled effect.
Vikings Cupcake Decorating Idea
  • The handles were piped out of my extruder tool (fitted with a circle disc). For the blades, I cut out rectangle piece of grey fondant that has been rolled thin, applied fondant glue to it, placed the brown fondant handle in the center and then folded it. At this point, the handle was on one end of the folded grey fondant piece. Using my fingers, I pressed the other end of the grey fondant so that is looks like an axe blade.

Vikings Long Sword Cupcakes

  • These were also quite fast to make. Each sword was made out of 3 fondant components. For the brown handle, I piped brown fondant out of my extruder tool and cut them into small pieces. And I used the same brown fondant I used to make the Vikings axes above.
  • As for the long blade, I cut them out of white fondant with hand using my sugar craft knife and then rounded the edges by hand. And then I used my needle tool to make the line that runs in the center of the blades. I then spray painted them in silver and left them aside for the paint to dry completely before assembling the sword. For the small gold part in between the sword handle and the blade, I rolled some white fondant into a thin sausage, cut it into small pieces and painted it gold. Once the paint was dry, I attached all the sections with fondant glue.

Football Cupcakes

  • This was the only football related design on this set of cupcakes. The occasion being a football match carnival, I wanted to add some element of the game into the cupcakes decoration and hence choose the ball design itself.
  • These toppers were very easy to make. The balls were cut out of white fondant and then I used my hexagon cutter to cut the center out. And then, using the same cutter, I imprinted the hexagon shape on the rest of the fondant.
  • For the black hexagon center, again, I used my hexagon cutter and cut out the hexagon shapes from black fondant and simply placed one black hexagon in the center of each fondant ball.

Vikings Cupcake Decorating Idea


And that is it on my Vikings and football cupcake decorating idea.


Happy Decorating :)

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