Smurfs Cake for 1st Birthday

I made this Smurfs cake for my nephew’s first birthday. I must say, this was a challenging cake to decorate especially when it comes to making the Smurfs in fondant, but yet, it was exciting as the cake design and shape was not a typical stacked round cake.

The Smurfs figurines were made entirely of fondant and totally edible. The mushroom was all cake that has been covered in fondant. The tree trunk, however, was half cake and half Styrofoam block. I started the bottom half with a 9 inch round Styrofoam block (3 inches high) and the actual cake which was also a 9 inch round cake measuring 4 inches in height was placed on the Styrofoam block and together, both were covered in fondant.

Smurfs Cake Idea

My sister did not want too much cake, hence the use of the Styrofoam base. She also ordered a set of cupcakes for the son’s birthday party and so did not need much cake.

Overall, the most time-consuming process was making the Smurfs. It was quite tricky to get the face to look exactly like the real Smurfs and I had to make them a few times to get them right. The rest of the deco was pretty straightforward.


Smurfs Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used for the Smurfs cake:

  • Styrofoam – This was used for the bottom half of the tree trunk.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake as well as to crumb coat the cake and cupcakes.
  • Fondant – The entire cake, including cupcakes were covered and decorated in fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant .
  • CMC powder – This was added to fondant when making 3d fondant deco on the cake such as the lettering and the balloon. CMC helps fondant to dry firmer and is particularly helpful when making upright standing fondant pieces.
  • Floral wire – I used floral wire as the balloon string.
  • Food colors – I used a combination of AmeriColor and Wilton food colors for this project.
  • Alphabet cutters - These cutters were purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Cake decorating brush – I used a fine tipped brush to dot the fondant mushroom tops on the cake board with white food coloring.
  • Sugar craft knife – this was a multipurpose cutting tool and was used generally thought out the entire project.
  • Extruder tool – I used the extruder to make the door and window frames for the mushroom house on the cake.
  • Round plunger cutter – I used the largest cutter in the set to cut out white polka dots for the mushroom cake top.
  • Flower plunger cutter – This cutter was used to cut out red fondant flowers to be placed randomly along the grass at the base of the mushroom cake as well as the flower held in hand by Smurfette.
  • Food grade cling wrap – This was used to wrap the Styrofoam block so that it did not come into direct contact with the real cake.
  • Fondant glue & Shortening – these were the glue agents in this project.

And this was how I decorated the Smurfs cake:

I started by making the Smurfs figurines. I had 2 of them on the cake, 1 to represent the birthday boy and the other, the Smurfette to represent his elder sister.

I used white fondant and tinted it blue for their bodies. I also added CMC powder to the fondant so that the figurines would hold their shapes firmly and dry faster. For the hats, dress and stockings, I used white fondant and for Smurfette’s hair, I used Satin Ice yellow fondant. To make the hair, I rolled some yellow fondant thin, used needle tool to draw lines on it and then placed the piece on the head, arranging it in such a way that it looks like the hair.  The balloon in the Smurf’s hand was made of red fondant (that has been added some CMC) and poked into a cut floral wire.

Closer to the event date, I baked the cakes. For the tree trunk, I baked 2 layers of 9 inches round cakes. I leveled them, sandwiched with buttercream and stacked them on a 3 inches high Styrofoam block (which was also 9 inches in diameter) that has been wrapped with a cling wrap. I then crumb coated the entire tree trunk (both the Styrofoam block and the cake). Next, I added lumps of fondant randomly around the cake as roots. I shaped these fondant lumps such that they look like the tree roots. Since my cake board was not too big, I made them fairly short. 

And then I covered the top of the cake with light brown fondant. I covered just the top as the sides was to be covered with a darker shade of brown. For the sides, I tinted some white fondant in brown and wrapped it around the cake. For the top edges, I trimmed them off carefully with a knife, leaving some parts slightly higher than the rest. After that, I used my needle tool to draw wood grain pattern all around the tree trunk. To complete the tree trunk, I painted the sides with brown food color (diluted lightly with water).

Next, was the green grass all around the tree. For this, I rolled out some green fondant strips (about 1 and a half inches wide and used my pizza cutting wheel to cut out random triangle patterns on one edge of the strip. I attached the grass all around the sides of the tree base with shortening, making sure the top of the grass is not entirely attached to the cake. And I manually adjusted the grass so that some are bend while others are slightly moved for a more natural grass look.

For the mushroom stalk, I baked 2 layers of 4 inches round cakes and for the mushroom top, I baked another cake in a stainless-steel bowl.  I stacked the 4 inches round cakes together with buttercream and carved the tops so that the diameter is slightly smaller at the top than the bottom. And then I covered its sides with ivory colored fondant. I purposely did not cover the top as it was going to be topped with the mushroom top.

I decorated the front of the mushroom with a large door that was cut out of brown fondant. I made the wood grain pattern on the door by hand using my needle tool and attached the door to the cake with shortening. For the door frame, I used my extruder tool fitted with a circle disc to pipe out a long strip of ivory fondant and attached it as the door frame with the help of shortening.

I made window on the other side of the mushroom in a similar manner.

For the mushroom top, I used the cake I baked in the bowl mold and covered it with red fondant. I made sure I tucked about 2 centimeters of the fondant underneath the cake. Once the red fondant was on, I turned the cake upside down and added a round piece of ivory fondant to cover the bottom.

To assemble the cakes, lifted the mushroom stalk and placed it on the cake. I then poked a dowel rod right in the center of the stalk all the way down into the tree bark. And in doing this, I made sure there was extra dowel rod above the stalk to hold the mushroom top. And then I carefully lifted the mushroom top and placed it on the stalk. The dowel rod helped to hold it in place on the cake.

Next, I added white polka dots on the cake that were cut using my round plunger cutter. These were attached with shortening.

For the base of the mushroom stalk, I added grass, similar to the tree. And I added some flowers around it in random order. The flowers were cut using my flowers plunger cutter.

After the mushroom and the tree trunk, I went on to make the lettering. I used blue fondant and added some CMC to it. CMC helps to make the fondant hold its shape firmer and therefore is very helpful in making 3D shapes. I cut out the letters using my medium sized letter cutters. And I left them to set and harden in a horizontal position until they were firm enough to stand upright. And then, I attached these letters onto the cake and the cake board with fondant glue.  For the letters on the cake top, I purposely left an obvious gap in the birthday boy’s name (the name consisted of 2 words so it was easier to split it) to make way for the walkway to the mushroom house.

For the walkway, I used light brown fondant and cut out rectangle strips which I arranged on the cake towards the mushroom door. I attached these to the cake with shortening.

Next to go on the cake were the tiny 3D mushrooms on the cake board. I formed these by hand using white and red fondant. And I added CMC to the fondant so that the mushrooms could stand upright and stable on the cake board. For the stalks, I used white fondant and for the tops, I used red fondant. The white dots were painted using white food coloring and a fine tipped cake decorating brush. And these mushrooms were attached to the cake board with fondant glue.

And finally, to complete the assemble, I placed the Smurfs figurines on the cake. The Smurfette in a sitting position on the tree trunk while the Smurf on the mushroom top. To ensure the Smurf remained stable on the cake, I attached him to the cake with the help of a thin wooden pick.

And with that, the Smurfs cake was complete.


Smurfs Cake Idea

I also had a set of cupcakes to match the cake. My sister ordered the cupcake picks elsewhere and requested that I made the cupcakes with plain fondant topping. And so I made the cupcakes covered in fondant colors to match the overall theme colors of the cake – red, blue and white.


Smurfs Cake Idea

And that’s that. Smurfs cake for a 1st year birthday.


Happy Decorating :)

Pin this Smurfs cake idea for later here:

Smurfs Cake Idea

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