Nissan GTR Car Cupcakes

These Nissan GTR car cupcakes were part of a larger order by a dear customer of mine. The full order was for a Nissan GTR themed cake decorated in butter icing and along with it, a set of cupcakes decorated with edible images of Nissan GTR logo and related images.

Nissan GTR Car Cupcakes

I have a separate tutorial for the car cake and you can read all about it here. This post is specifically for the cupcakes.

Unlike the cake which was fully covered in buttercream and butter icing, I used fondant for the cupcakes. And to match the overall theme, I used a mix of white and black fondant along with edible images of the Nissan GTR logo to decorate the cupcakes.

These cupcakes were so easy to decorate, anyone can make them.

Nissan GTR Car Cupcakes Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used for the cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes – The order was for 6 cupcakes and I baked them in white muffin casings. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cupcakes.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to crumb coat the cupcakes before decorating them with fondant. 
  • Nissan GTR logos in edible image – The logos were downloaded from the internet and I had them printed onto an edible image sheet by a local edible images supply shop.
  • Cake decorating brush – I used the brush to lightly dampen the back of my edible images cut outs so that they stick onto the fondant.

And this was how I decorated the cupcakes:

I started by getting the edible images ready. I ordered the images to be cut into circles that were almost half the size of the diameter of the cupcakes casings. I ordered these a few days in advance so that I could have them delivered to me before my order due date.

Closer to the cupcakes (and cake) delivery date, I baked the cupcakes. Once baked and completely cooled, I leveled the tops (some of the cupcakes were slightly domed). And then I applied a thin layer of buttercream. The buttercream acted as ‘glue’ to hold the fondant cut outs I placed on the cupcakes.

Next was the fondant covering. I alternated black and white fondant on the 6 cupcakes such that 3 cupcakes had black outside background and white inner background while the remaining 3 cupcakes had the order of the white and black fondant background in the reversed order.

For the first set of cupcakes which had black outer background, I used a medium sized plain round cutter and cut out 3 black fondant circles. I placed them on 3 of the cupcakes that have been covered with a layer of buttercream. Next, using scalloped round cutter (which was almost half the size of the plain round cutter), I cut out 3 pieces of white scalloped cut outs. I applied a light brushing of warm water to the back of the cut outs and attached them to the larger cut outs earlier. After that, I added the edible image logos. I used 2 different edible image designs for the cupcakes set, so I used the first design for the first batch of 3 cupcakes and the second design for the second batch of 3 cupcakes. To attach the edible image logos, again, I brushed the reverse side of the images with a damp brush and placed them on the fondant cut outs. 

And I repeated the process for the remaining 3 cupcakes by alternating the black and white fondant background colors.

And that was pretty much how decorated these Nissan GTR cupcakes. Wasn't that super straightforward?

Happy Decorating:)

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Nissan GTR Car Cupcakes

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