Minion Cake

This Minion Cake request came for a 1st year birthday party. And I still remember my customer being so particular about the colors of the cake being exactly the same as the real Minion character. She personally told me after I showed her a photo of the completed cake ( a day before the delivery), how satisfied she was with the cake and how worried she was initially that the Minion’s blue and yellow will not be in the exact shade of that of the Minions. She has had not-so-pleasant experience with other bakers in terms of getting the cake designs to be exactly as she wanted it and I could totally understand her concerns. Who wouldn't when you pay so much for a cake but end up getting a substandard one, right?

So back to the Minion cake. I made this cake a couple of years back, I think about 5 to 6 years ago. And this was my first Minion cake. So I was pretty excited to decorate one when the order came in.

The order also came with a request for a set of 12 Minion cupcakes. I have covered these cupcakes in another post (coming soon). This post is for the the Minion cake.

Minion Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate the cake:

  • Cake – this was a tall single tier cake. I used 3 layers of 6 inches round cakes and one bowl shaped cake. All in all, the height was about 8 inches.I used my butter pound cake recipe for all the cakes.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake layers as well as to crumb coat the cake before covering it with fondant.
  • Fondant – The fondant I used was homemade, based on my recipe here. I made all white and then tinted it separately into blue, yellow and black.
  • Round cutter set – I used my round cutter set to cut out Dave’s goggles. After cutting, I adjusted the circles into oval shapes.
  • Sugarcraft knife – this was a general cutting tool I used though out the project. I used this knife specifically to cut out the logo on Dave’s jumper.
  • Alphabet cutters – I used these cutters to cut out the birthday boy’s name as well as the birthday message. The cutters were purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Edible silver paint.
  • Minion Dave template – I searched for an image of Dave on the internet and printed it to the same size as the actual cake. I used this template as a guide for positioning the eyes, jumper and arms. I also printed out the Minion logo on Dave’s jumper and used the print out as a template to cut out the logo in fondant.

And this was how I decorated Minion Dave in this Minion cake:

I started my baking my cakes. I baked a total of 4 layers of cakes – 3 in six inches round cake tins and one in a bowl-shaped tin ( this was not a cake tin, I happened to have a stainless steel bowl in the size that was fitting for this cake, so I used it to bake the cake).

Once the cakes have completely cooled down, I leveled them all and then stacked them with buttercream in between. The bowl-shaped cake went right on top of all the cakes.

I then crumb coated the cake with buttercream.

Next was fondant work. Since the cake was quite tall, and I was not used to covering tall cakes, I decided to not take the risk and covered the cake with 2 pieces of fondant instead. The first piece covered the sides, and the second piece covered the top. And I made sure these pieces were joined at the same level where Dave’s goggles are to be added. That way, the goggles will cover the seams and it would look perfect.

For the side joints, I smoothed them as much as I could to make it as light as possible. And I turned this towards the side of Dave so that it was partly covered by his jumper and arm.

Next, I did Dave’s eyes and goggles. Again, using my template as a guide, I cut out the lenses. Each side of the lenses consisted of 2 layers of fondant and the bottom layer is thinner than the top.  I painted both in silver. While waiting for the paint to set, using the same lenses template, I cut out 2 white fondant ovals and on these ovals, I attached Dave’s yellow top and bottom eye lids (the eyelids were separately cut and attached on the white fondant oval cut outs.) And then I added the eye balls which were cut using my round plunger cutters – the larger cutter for the 2 brown circles and a slightly smaller cutter for the black circles. And then carefully, I attached the bottom layer lenses on the ovals and together, attached everything onto Dave’s face. And then, I added the top layers of the lenses on both sides.

Next, I added the black goggles strip all around the head (this was cut in black fondant). And finally, to hide the joints between the black strip and the lens, I added 2 tiny sausage-shaped fondant pieces on each side. I painted these in silver.


Once the eyes were done, I went on with Dave’s jumper. I measured the height of the jumper in my template and cut out a blue fondant strip of the same width and attached it all around Dave. And then, using the smallest cutter in my round cutter set, I cut off two semi circles on both sides of the jumper (where Dave’s arms are to be attached). Using the stitch tool, I imprinted the stitch mark at the edges of the jump suit.

After that, I cut out the logo and put it on the front. This was followed by Dave’s legs and arms. All were shaped in fondant and attached to the cake with fondant glue. Once the arms were in place, I cut out 2 “c” shaped fondant pieces, put on the stitch marks on them and attached them above each arm. And I added black fondant buttons too.

Next was Dave’s mouth. I started with a black semi circle piece which was cut using my round cutter set and then cut out 2 strips of scalloped white strips which I attached to the black semi circle piece as the teeth. And finally, I added Dave’s hair. These were hand shaped and attached to the head with fondant glue.

With that, the Minion was done.

For the wordings on the cake. I cut them using my alphabet cutters and let them set before painting them in silver and attaching to the cake board. I used 2 levels of cake board for this cake simply so that the entire birthday message could be see from the front of the cake. It was for this purpose also that I have added black cubes of fondant on the cake board where I have placed the birthday boy’s name.

And finally, since there was also no space to poke the birthday candle (except on Minion which I personally did not prefer), I provided another black fondant cube right in front of Dave and poked a matching blue candle in it.

With that, the Minion cake was all complete.

Minion Cake for 1st Year Birthday

Hope you find this useful.


Happy Decorating :)


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Minion Cake Decorating Guide

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