Halloween Treat Idea - Marshmallow Ghosts

Here is an easy Halloween treat idea - Marshmallow Ghosts. Made using just 3 ingredients, these Halloween treats can be made in no time at all!

Halloween is a much celebrated holiday among the baking and decorating fraternity. A simple search for the term 'Halloween treat ideas' on the internet will return tons of interesting ideas for Halloween treats. There are so many cakes, cookies and other treats that have been designed with Halloween as the theme and just browsing the images gives you lots of ideas on what to fix as Halloween treats.

These marshmallow ghosts were inspired by a bag of marshmallows I had in my pantry. My last posts on Halloween treats were my Halloween Spider Cake and Halloween Cupcakes. It has been more than a good 10 years since I designed those treats and I thought it will be good to create some new ones now. 

I was thinking of something relatively easy to make instead of full cakes or cupcakes and with the bag of marshmallows lying in my pantry and a fresh batch of marshmallow fondant I made a couple of days ago, I decided to make these marshmallow ghosts. 

How to Make Marshmallow Ghosts - Video Tutorial

Before I jump to more details, check out my video on how to make these cute little Marshmallow Ghosts:

In a nut shell, these are treats you can fix within minutes. No special tools or skills needed except for a round cutter. 

And yet, kids love these - yummy marshmallow fondant covering on even more yummy marshmallows on the inside with dark chocolate chip garnish. I love these too!

Halloween Treat Idea - Marshmallow Ghosts Tutorial

These are the main supplies needed to make these Marshmallow Ghosts:

  • Marshmallows - I used store bought ones as these come in the round shapes I needed to make the ghosts. I used plain white ones but you can use any other colored or flavored ones as you like. 
  • Fondant - This is my homemade marshmallow fondant and you can get the recipe here. You can also use the classic homemade fondant or if it is easier, the store bought ones.
  • White Chocolate - this was acting as the 'glue' in this project, binding the fondant, the marshmallows and the chocolate chips together. I used white compound chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate chips in 2 sizes (mini and regular) - I used dark chocolate chips because I was using these as the eyes and mouth and wanted them to be as close to black as possible. Dark chocolate was the closest. And I used the chocolate chips in 2 different sizes - the minis for the eyes, and the regular sized ones for the mouth. 

And this was how I put these cute little fondant and marshmallow ghosts together:

  • I started by getting all my supplies ready, including the fondant. Since I had a new batch made a few days ago, fondant was readily available. And so were the marshmallows, the white chocolate and the dark chocolate chips.
  • Next, I melted the white compound chocolate over a double boiler (you can even microwave the chocolate. See my post here on how to melt chocolate). To make sure the chocolate did not harden quickly, I placed my chocolate filled bowl in another larger bowl filled with hot water. The hot water kept my chocolate warm so it remained liquid for a much longer time. This saved me a lot of time having to run back and forth to my double boiler (or microwave if you are using a microwave) to keep melting the chocolate as it sets at room temperature. 
  • To begin with, I rolled my marshmallow fondant thin.
  • And then I used my medium sized round cutter to cut out my fondant. In choosing the cutter size, you will need to estimate the closest size that would enable to fondant to fully cover each marshmallow without having too much excess on the sides. When I did this, I tried out with 2 different sizes before settling on one that fitted the marshmallows the closest.
  • Next, I applied some melted white chocolate to the center of the fondant cut out. you can also dip the top of the marshmallow in the melted chocolate, but I prefer to just use a spoon to apply the chocolate.
  • I then placed my marshmallow right in the center of the fondant cut out and turned it over. And then I adjusted the frills on the fondant such that they were naturally well distributed all around the marshmallow.
  • Once the frills were all in order, I dipped my cake skewer into the melted white chocolate and added 3 tiny chocolate dots on the front of my fondant covered marshmallows. These were markings for the eyes and mouth.

  • Immediately after that, I attached the chocolate chips on. I used 2 mini chocolate chips to mark the eyes and 1 regular sized chocolate chip for the mouth. This was how one of my completed marshmallow ghosts looked like:

Aren't these cute?

 Give these a try and let me know how they turn out!

Pin this tutorial for later here:

Marshmallow Ghosts - A Halloween Treat Idea

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