Disney Princesses Cake and Cupcakes

These Disney Princesses cake and cupcakes are another one of my specially customized cakes, and one that was quite challenging to decorate too!

Disney Princesses Cake and Cupcakes

The cake was for little Abrianna’s first birthday and was requested by her Aunt who wanted all the Disney princesses on a single tier cake. She also specifically requested for the cake not to be covered in fondant!

This was a large cake, carved out of 2 rectangle cakes measuring 13 inches by 11 inches each. The Disney Princesses image was obtained from the internet, I had to transfer the pattern onto the cake with all the tiny facial details, etc.

If you notice, I made a blunder with Cinderella’s eyes and Snow White’s too! I wish I could go back and correct them, but my customer totally did not mind it. I must say, the hardest part of decorating this cake was getting the facial features right and the longest time taken was to transfer the bevy of princesses onto the cake.

The cupcakes on the other hand, were pretty straight forward. I used edible images of the princesses and framed them on the cupcakes with piped star buttercream border.

Here is how I decorated this Disney Princesses cake and cupcakes:

These were the main supplies I used for these Disney Princesses cake and cupcakes:

  • Cake and cupcakes – the cake was carved out of 2 rectangle cakes measuring 11 inches by 13 inches. Both were attached with buttercream. I used my chocolate cake recipe for the cake. The cupcakes were also chocolate flavored and I used the same chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes. Each cupcake was filled with chocolate ganache.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake and as the base covering for the cupcakes.
  • Buttericing – this is essentially a stiffer version of my buttercream.  I used this icing to cover sections of the cake that is not covered by the Disney princesses image.
  • Fondant – although my customer specifically asked for the cake not to be covered in fondant, she was ok with using it to accent the deco on the cake. And so I used my handmade fondant for the letters on the cake and the tiny pink flowers that frame the pink section of the cake.
  • Gumpaste roses – I used 4 tiny gumpaste roses on the cake (with green gumpaste leaves attached) and these were store bought (from a local cake decorating supplies shop).
  • Piping tips (Wilton tip 3), Wilton tip 18 and disposable piping bags - I only use disposable piping bags when working with buttercream. Its so much more convenient to stash the used bags into the waste bin than having to wash all the grease off them. As for the piping tips, I used 2 shapes – round and star. The round tip (Wilton tip #3) was to pipe outlines of the princesses and the star ones (Wilton tip #18) was for the star piping to fill the princesses’ images and the cake border.
  • Edible image print – I used edible images to decorate the cupcakes in matching Disney Princesses theme. The images were chosen by my customer and I order the prints from a local edible image supplier.

And this was how I decorated the Disney Princesses cake and cupcakes:

  • The cupcakes were pretty easy to decorate. All I had to do was cut out the edible images to fit the top of my cupcakes and then pipe tiny stars frame all around each image with pink buttercream.
  • As for the cake, I prepared the Disney Princesses template before hand. I downloaded it from the internet, and resized it so that it would fit the size of my cake. I had to use A3 papers to print the image. Once printed, I traced the image onto a clean greaseproof paper. That was my template.
  • I also prepared the 3D lettering in advance. These were made of fondant ( I used my homemade fondant) and I attached a toothpick underneath each letter so that they remain in place once placed upright on the cake. 
  • Next was the cake itself. Once both cakes were baked and cooled, I placed them on a cake board and leveled them. Next, I used some buttercream to attached them together to form one large cake. 
  • I then crumb coated the cake, with just a very thin layer of buttercream. The buttercream coat is important because it is on the buttercream that I will transfer my pattern onto. And it has to be a very thin coating or else it will be messy to trace the pattern. 
  • So after the crumb coat, I placed my template on the cake, and traced the Princesses onto it. To do this, I used my craft knife and literally cut through the template to transfer the lines onto the cake. I did this in sections, starting from the larger patterns and finishing off with the smallest details.
  • Once the entire pattern was transferred, I removed all the paper bits and covered the rest of the cake with butter icing (except for the area where I have traced the Princesses image on). I covered the cake right until the border of the princesses image. If you notice, there is a pink section on the lower end of the cake. This was butter icing too. 
  • Once the butter icing work was done , I started the piping work. First order is the outline piping in black. For this, I used a round piping tip (Wilton #3). Only when all the outlines were done did I start the star piping to fill the outlines. For best results, the stars must be piped as close as possible to one another such that there is no gap in between them that could show the cake underneath. The only sections of the traced design that I did not use star piping were the princesses’ eyes and mouth. For these, I used a round tip and filled the area with icing. 

  • Completing the Princesses was the like completing a major part of the cake decoration. To finish of the buttercream deco, I piped pink rope border all around the base of the cake. 
Disney Princesses Cake and Cupcakes

  • Next steps were the finishing touches for the cake. I started by attaching the 3D fondant letters that form the birthday girl’s name. Before poking them into the cake, I checked the placement to make sure they are placed in even intervals and appear balanced on the cake. 

  • And then, I rolled some pink fondant, used my flower plunger cutters to cut out tiny 5 petal flowers and used them to frame up the pink section at the lower end of the cake. Each flower had a tiny piped dot of buttercream. And finally, I pressed in 4 small gumpaste roses at the corners of the pink section of the cake. 

  • And that was how I decorated these Disney Princesses cake and cupcakes.
Disney Princesses Cake and Cupcakes

Hope you enjoyed this sharing. If you have any comments or questions, pls leave them in the section below, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Decorating :)

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