Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea

This Christmas cake decorating idea came about last year, and as much as I wanted to post it last year itself, it somehow got delayed until now. And since its just a few weeks away for Christmas this year, I told my self I have to get this cake idea up on my blog.

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea

And so here it is, an easy Christmas cake idea incorporating my favorite Christmas deco items – a lovely wreath decorated with holly leaves and berries and pretty maroon baubles decorated in gold.

Overall, this was not a very hard design to assemble. In fact, it can be put together in a fairly short period of time.

This is a detailed step by step cake decorating tutorial and hope you find it useful for your Christmas cake decorating projects!

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to come up with this Christmas cake design:

  • Cake – this was a 6 inch round cake measuring 6 inches high. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake, baked it in 3 layers in 3 separate cake pans.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake layers as well as to crumb coat the cake.
  • Fondant – The entire cake was covered in icing and all the decorations on the cake were also of fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant in white, chocolate, red, black and green.
  • Fondant extruder tool – I used this tool to decorate the Christmas baubles on the cake. There were 2 different disc patterns used, one a small circle disc and the other a small flat oblong shape.
  • Edible gold dust – I used this to paint the fondant stars and stripes on the baubles.
  • Lemon extract – I mixed the gold edible dust with lemon extract to achieve a smooth paintable gold paste.
  • Round cutter set – I used a medium sized cutter to cut out the baubles as well as to cut the top portion of the baubles.
  • Holly leaf plunger cutter – I used a plunger cut set consisting of 3 different sizes of leaves. For this project, I used the medium sized leaves.
  • Gold dragees – these were store bought, and I purchased them from a local cake decorating supplies shop.
  • Snowflakes plunger cutter – this was also part of a set of 3 plunger cutters and I used the medium cutter for this project.
  • Fondant glue & Shortening – these were the glues for the project. I used fondant glue to stick the gold dragees and the gold fondant deco on the baubles. For the rest, I used shortening.
Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea

And this was how I put the cake together:

I started by preparing the cake first. Once baked and completely cooled down, I leveled the layers, sandwiched them with buttercream and covered them with a thin coat of buttercream. And then I covered the stacked cake with white fondant.

Next, I made the wreath frame. To make this, pinched out tiny pieces of chocolate fondant and rolled them into thin strips.

And then I gathered all the strips together and gently twisted them.

I applied a coat of shortening on the edges of the cake top and placed the twisted strips on top. And I repeated the process until I achieved a complete wreath that was about the same size as the cake diameter.

In joining the wreath pieces together, I adjusted the ends so that they look as natural as possible.

Where it was too thin, I rolled out additional chocolate fondant strips and attached them to the wreath especially at the joints.

Once the wreath base was in place, I went ahead to the make the baubles. I started with the gold strips. To make these, I used my fondant extruder tool and  piped out the lines for the baubles. I used 2 different shapes, one a flat wide strip and the other, small plain thin round strip. The small plain thin round strips were also to be used as the ropes from which the baubles hang around the cake, so I made sure I piped some of these strips long enough to fit as the ropes. For the rest, I piped the strips in random lengths making sure their lengths were at least as long as the diameter of the baubles.

Next, I straightened all the strips properly before leaving them aside to set. Once set, I painted them gold.

Next, I prepared the gold snowflakes. These were cut out of white fondant using my snowflakes plunger cutter. I made a couple of these, including some extras to give allowance for any breakages.

And then I painted them gold and left them aside for the paint to dry.

While waiting for the fondant strips to set, I measured and marked my cake at regular intervals to position the bauble strings. Firstly, I measured the circumference of the cake. And then I divided and marked it into equal intervals, making sure the intervals were neither too short nor too long, but just nice once the baubles themselves were added on to the cake.

As for the length, since some were short and some were long, I marked these on the cake as well.

And then I applied a thin coat of fondant glue at the back of my thin fondant strips and carefully attached them to the cake.

I cut off excesses using my sugar craft knife.

Once the gold strings were in place, I made the baubles. I wanted to achieve deep red tone for the baubles and since the closest color to a deep red hue I had was red fondant, I mixed a little black fondant to it to achieve the color I wanted.

And then I rolled the fondant thin and cut out the baubles. I cut all the baubles at the same time and kept them covered as I worked on each of them.

Next, I dusted the round maroon cut outs with pearl luster dust. This gave the baubles a pretty luster shine.

I then attached the gold snowflakes to half of the baubles. I used shortening to hold the flakes in place.  And then, using the opposite end of one of my cake decorating brushes, I marked tiny little dents around the edges of the baubles.

I filled the dents with gold dragees, one dragee into each hole. To hold the beads securely in place, I applied a light coat of fondant glue into each dent before placing a gold dragee into each of them.

I left these aside and went on to decorate the remaining baubles with the second design, i.e., the gold geometrical lines. I started with the wider fondant strips, followed by 2 thin strips on either side. I attached these to the fondant baubles with fondant glue. And I used my sugar craft knife to cut the excess strips off the baubles.

Once the baubles were done, I cut out small pieces of square maroon cut outs, and using the same round cutter I used to cut my baubles, I cut off a portion of the squares. These were to be come the the tiny top portion of each of the baubles. And I dusted these with pearl luster dust, similar to the baubles.

Once done, I attached these small pieces to the cake, one piece at the end of each fondant strip.

That was followed by the baubles, with the snowflakes baubles at the end of each long strip and the geometrical lines ones at the end of the short strips.

After that, I went ahead to complete the wreath on the cake to by adding holly leaves to it. For the leaves, I used Satin Ice green fondant and added a tiny bit of black to it to give the leaves a darker hue of green.

And then I rolled the fondant thin and cut out holly leaves using my medium sized plunger cutter.

Once the leaves were all cut, I arranged them onto the cake. I started with the leaves on the outer edge of the wreath. And I applied a layer to shortening to the back of each leaf before putting them on the cake.

Once the outer layer of leaves were done, I did the inner layer. These also had a thin coat of shortening at the back to hold them in place.

And to complete the wreath, I added tiny holly berries made out of red fondant to it. To make sure the berries don’t go rolling all over the cake top, I applied fondant glue to each of them so that they were held in place securely.

Once the wreath on the cake top was complete, I repeated the brown wreath at the base of the cake. And finally, to finish off the deco, I added 2 holly leaves and 3 holly berries to it in one section of the wreath.

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea


And that’s that. My easy Christmas cake decorating idea.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Pin this Christmas cake decorating idea for later here:

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea

Happy Decorating :)

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Idea

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